buy Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt

Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt

Care Bears Cheer Bear Rainbow T-Shirt

This teal blue women’s t-shirt will make people smile.

Why simply because it has my favorite Care Bear on it.

Yes on this t-shirt you can see Cheer Bear dancing on some clouds while behind him like on his tummy there is a nice rainbow and there are even some stars.

This junior fit t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes Small – X-Large.

If you care as much as Cheer Bear then you want this shirt just to make people smile when they see it.

So maybe it is time to have a closer look at this Care Bears Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt.

buy Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress costume

Looking for that perfect tank top style dress for a hot day or as Halloween costume?

How about one based on the Care Bears?

There is a whole range of Care Bears tank dresses you can choose from:

  • Love-A-Lot Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Bedtime Bear
  • Funshine Bear

Each costume dress has the right Care bear symbol on the front and the name and a heart on the back.

These Care Bear dresses come in junior sizes Small – XLarge.

Now you and you girlfriends can all be a Care Bear this Halloween and just have fun as a group of sexy bears.

Come and have a better look at these Care Bears Costume Tank Dresses.