buy Chuck Buy More Boys T-Shirt

Chuck Buy More Boys T-Shirt

Chuck fans don’t go till you have a closer look at this fun t-shirt. Click on the picture above to have a much better look.

This t-shirt shows The Buy More logo and infront of that you see Morgan Chrimes and John Casey in there Buy More uniform and Chuck Bartowski in the middle in his Nerd Herd uniform.

Of course there are some fun details like you see Morgan holding a pricing gun and John Casey a real gun with a silencer.

This Chuck t-shirt comes in 21 colors and in different styles for men and women and there is even a hoodie with this print.

You have to admit the t-shirt is almost perfect.

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Buy More Polo

Chuck Buy More Polo

“When you buy more, you save more. And when you save more, you can buy more. And when you buy more, you save more. It all starts when you BUY MORE.”

Featuring the Buy More logo on the front of this Chuck polo and a great green color, Buy MoreĀ is the store from the awsome television series Chuck, the main character Chuck Bartowski works in this store in the Nerd Herd division.

You can find this awsome Chuck Buy More green polo in many sizes.

Get your Chuck Buy More Polo.

buy Chuck Pocket Protector Keychain

Chuck Pocket Protector Keychain

Do you want to be like Chuck, then you need to have accessories like this Chuck pocket protector keychain and then yo too can save the world while looking like you just work at Buy More.

Features of this pocket protector keychain are a nice large “Buy More” logo aswell as the “Nerd Herd” logo and an employee barcode to make this look real, you will also notice some pens and marker images.

Pefect for the Chuck fan who wants to show off there love for Chuck, great for any type of key.

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buy Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt

Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt

Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt

Are you ready to join the Nerd Herd team?

This is a Chuck t-shirt that features the saying “Nerd Herd” on the front aswell as the logo and saying “Buy More”. The Nerd Herd t-shirt is a great way to show that you love the hit television show Chuck, and it will be loved by all other fellow Chuck fans.

You can find this 100% cotton Chuck Nerd Herd t-shirt in many different sizes.

Get your Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt.


Jeffster Patch

Chuck Jeffster iron on patch

You remember Chucks weird friends Jeff and Lester?

If not you will if you see them šŸ™‚

This patch is from their band Jeffster and by wearing this patch on your clothes you show that you definitly missing taste.

But on the other hand having clothes with the Jeffster logo also tells the world that you are a real Chuck fan and maybe it keeps you out of trouble from the CIA.

This Jeffster patch is easy to attach to clothing or a backpack by just ironing it on. Of course if you like to sew it on that is fine to Ā because you have to show that you are a true Jeffster fan.

If you like Chuck then you have to get this Jeffster Iron On Patch.


Nerd Herd Bumper Sticker

Chuck Nerd Herd bumper sticker

Do you work at the Buy More?

If not and you still want to make the world believe that you are a spy that works as a Nerd Herd then this bumper sticker can help.

Just put this sticker on your car or any other object of importants (maybe your laptop) and you are a nerd herder just like Chuck Bartowski.

This sticker is outdoor grade so it will stay in good shape in the worst of conditions and is even removable and reusable.

Chuck fans just go order your own Nerd Herd Sticker.


Chuck Bartowski Magnet

Chuck Bartowski Fridge Magnet

There we have our favorite Nerd Herder from the Buy More.

He is called Chuck Bartowski and has some strange thing happening to him the last while.

This is a fridge magnet of Chuck posing specially for you.

But be carefull with this magnet because if you are a spy or something then he may flash on you when he noticing you.

Any way this magnet is fun and shows our favorite TV character Chuck Bartowski.

Go buy you own Chuck Bartowski Magnet.


Chuck Buy More Bear

Plush Buy More Bear

The Buy More this year is selling cute little plush bears that people can give to their kids.

But be aware that this bear could contain all kind of spy information.

The plush bear is cute with his Buy More shirt and Santa hat.

I am sure that Chuck gave one of these bear to Clara the baby of Ellie and Awesome.

Time for some plush shoppin, go get your own Buy More Plush Holiday Bear.