buy House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle

House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle

Now you can get your own House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle which are great props for your House MD collection or as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

The set includes the hospital ID of Gregory house just like he has on the TV series and it also includes a real pill bottle like they use on the show and it is a Vicodin bottle and even the label on the bottle shows that it was issued by the Princeton Plainsboro hospital for Gregory House.

These props are really great looking and that makes them perfect for any true House MD collector and it also makes as great items to have if you like to dress up like House for cosplay or Halloween.

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buy Gregory House Portrait T-Shirt

Gregory House Portrait T-Shirt

Gregory House Portrait T-Shirt

A military green t-shirt with America’s favorite doctor on it Gregory House.

The worn look of the shirt ad some character to this t-shirt.
And as you ca see it really makes House stand out and it even has the House M.D. logo on it to.

While new episodes of House M.D. are not being made any more watching back at this great TV show wants me to have this t-shirt.

This green House t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in a range of adult sizes.

So don’t wait come and get your House M.D. Gregory House Portrait T-Shirt.

buy Humanity Is Overrated T-Shirt

Humanity Is Overrated T-Shirt

There we have Gregory House no longer the fancy doctor who now just a prisoner.

This t-shirt is black and shows Dr House in yellow prison clothes with the word “DOC” on it and he is even wearing handcuffs.
below this picture it says “Humanity is overrated” in the typical House font.

And this House MD t-shirt is available in a bunch of fun styles for adults and kids and of course a wide selection of sizes to.

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buy House Its Not Lupus Sticker

House Its Not Lupus Sticker

House Its Not Lupus Sticker

There we have it, Doctor Gregory House as a sticker.

It’s just his face but the expression on it just tells the whole story. And below his face it says “It’s Not Lupus” just like we heard a few times in the TV show.

The House sticker is die cut and that means that it’s not square but just like the grey lines in the picture.

It will look great on your laptop, fridge, car or maybe you notebook.

The sticker is easy to apply and can be removed without damage if needed and it even survives the outdoors.

If you like House then come get this Dr. Gregory House It’s Not Lupus Sticker.

buy House Giving The Finger Magnet

House Giving The Finger Magnet

House Giving The Finger Magnet

If you enjoyed House as much as I did then you definitly want this magnet.

On this magnet you see Doctor Gregory House taking of his glove but it also kind of looks like he is giving you the finger.
And that of course is something House would do.

The magnet is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch and made out of a  heavy magnetic vinyl and that makes it perfect for any metal surface.
I would put it on the frige but nobody is stopping you if you put it on your car.

So time to come and get your House Giving The Finger Magnet.

buy Dr Gregory House Cane Christmas Ornament

Dr Gregory House Cane Christmas Ornament

House Cane Christmas Ornament

If you love christmas and are looking for the perect ornament that will show off your love for Dr. Gregory House then look no further because here it is.

This is a small replica cane just like the real one that Dr. House uses on the television series House, it has all of the little details and also has a small tag that has the official House logo on it.

Dress up your Christmas tree with your favorite television series House.

Have a look at the Dr. Gregory House Cane Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy House Wingman T-Shirt

House Wingman T-Shirt

House Wingman T-Shirt

Gregory House kind of depends of his friend Wilson even though he will not admit it he needs him.

And now there is a t-shirt that features Dr. Wilson as the uber wingman for House.

On the light blue t-shirt you see the Caduceus symbol with infront of it James WIlson and you can still see the wings of the Caduceus and that makes Wilson in to a guy with wings.
And yes of course then it says Wingman on the shirt to and his name and even the House MD logo.

This t-shirt has everything a House fan wants to see on a t-shirt besides of House himself.

And the t-shirt comes in a wide range of adult sizes so that you can get it to fit just right.

Supprt Wilson by wearing this House MD Dr James Wilson Wingman T-Shirt.

buy House Everybody Lies T-Shirt

House Everybody Lies T-Shirt

House Everybody Lies T-Shirt

Brace yourself for this quote!!!!

“Everybody Lies”

This is a t-shirt that simply quotes Dr. Gregory House from the hit television show House, on the front in very regular font is this quote “EVERYBODY LIES”.

Make this 100% cotton t-shirt your favorite to wear for any occasion, it is really comfortable and also durable available in sizes Small to XX-Large.

Find your House Everybody Lies T-Shirt.

buy House M.D. Magnet Set

House M.D. Magnet Set

House M.D. Magnet Set

Gregory House is famous for his amazingly rude one liners and now you can own some.

This set has for one those quotes on magnets so that you can hang them on your fridge.

The magnet set has the following sayings:

  • Everybody lies
  • Why doesn’t matter
  • Hope is for sissies
  • Normal’s not normal

With fun magnet like these you can smile everytime and think of House.

So don’t hesitate and ordery our House M.D. Magnet Set.

buy Gregory House Caduceus T-Shirt

Gregory House Caduceus T-Shirt

Dr gregory House MD surrounded by the caduceus on this t-shirt

House MD fans will love this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows Dr. House captured in a Caduceus symbol (the symbole of medicine) the two serpent snakes are wrapped around Gregory House’s body and the wings alsmost make him look like a strange angel.

Ans below this amazing picture of house it also has the House MD logo.

I don’t think there is any better t-shirt that shows of Doctor House like this one.

And this t-shirt of House comes in a wide range of colors and different styles for men and women.

Time to check out all your options come see the House MD Caduceus T-Shirt.