buy The Joker Costume Dress

The Joker Costume Dress

The Joker Costume Dress

Always wondered how it feels to be the villain from the Batman stories?

This tank top style costume dress will make you look like a sexy version of The Joker.

Of course the dress is purple and on that you can find details printed to make it look just like the suit The Joker wears.

This dress is just fun for everyday or even Halloween or a Batman themed party.

You can get this women’s Batman dress in size Small, Medium and Large to make it fit the villain in you perfectly.

Get ready to party bad guy style in this Batman – The Joker Costume Dress.

buy Harry Potter Maurder’s Map Dress

Harry Potter Maurder’s Map Dress

Harry Potter Maurders Map Dress

Always wanted to be part of the Harry Potter stories?

Now you can as by wearing this dress you will become the Maurder’s Map and a big part of the story.

This Harry Potter dress is fitting and a tank top style so no sleeves and following your curves. And on the dress you will find the Maurder’s Map on the front and back. Of course this one will not tell you where everyone is but still pretty cool.

And this dress is great as a costume to specially because the Maurder’s Map dress is almost like skin color making you the map.

Harry Potter fan that are looking for a special dress or amazing costume just need to check out this Harry Potter Maurder’s Map Dress.

buy Star Trek Into Darkness Tunic Dress

Star Trek Into Darkness Tunic Dress

Star Trek Into Darkness Tunic Dress

For the Star Trek women out there, it is time to boldly wear a cute, sexy, fun replica tunic dress as seen on Uhura and Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

These Star Trek tunic dress replicas are as great as they look, you have a choice of the red/burgundy dress which is the (engineering/operations) which can be seen on Uhura. Or choose the navy blue (science) which is seen on Dr. Carol Marcus, both uniforms are in the Star Trek hit movie Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Available in many sizes the Star Trek tunic dresses are made to be very durable and last a long time with quality and care going into every dress.

Become a real Trekkie with the Star Trek Into Darkness Tunic Dress Replica.

buy Sally Skellington Tunic Tank Dress

Sally Skellington Tunic Tank Dress

Sally Skellington Tunic Tank Dress

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is another masterpiece animated movie that has just enough of everything in it to keep the children interested and the adults in awe.

This is a really cool dress that is modeled after the dress that Sally Skellington one of the main characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas wears.

Find the tunic tank dress has a look to be stitched together with all of the nice pastel colors that is just like Sally’s, also it has printed tatters and holes to give it the rugged worn look just like in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Made to fit very snug hugging the bodies curves for a very nice look this is available in junior sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.

Get into your The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Tunic Tank Dress.

buy Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress

Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress

Now you little girl can be Rainbow Dash her favourite character of My Little Pony.

This toddler dress is blue of course and the top has the face of Rainbow Dash including the colorful mane.
On the back of the top you can find some wings because this pony can fly.

Kids are gone love to dress up like Rainbow Dash because now they can be a fun pony an sing and dance around the living room.

This My Little Pony toddler dress comes in sizes 4 – 8 so that you can get you little girl the dress she needs now.

Come and play in this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress.

buy Adventure Time Jake Tulle Dress

Adventure Time Jake Tulle Dress

Adventure Time Jake Dress

This Adventure Time dress is fun and great for everyday wear or as costume.

The dress makes you look a bit like Jake the dog as his face is the top of the dress. The top is yellow and shows a smiling face of Jake and the skirt part is black and has tulle making it a bit more formal then the top but together it is a winning dress.

The Jake Adventure Time dress has a junior fit making it a fitting on top with a fun flaring skirt below.

A dress like this will be great as costume but is great for any day of the week to.

And this Adventure Time dress is available in sizes XSmall – 2XL so that you can find the perfect fit.

Come and have a better look at this Adventure Time Jake Fit & Flare Tulle Dress.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Costume Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Costume Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Costume Dress

Are you a Doctor Who fan looking for the perfect Doctor Who themed Halloween costume?

How about being a Tardis this Halloween?

This Tardis costume dress will make you look like the Tardis in no time at all.

No difficult sowing has to be done as this costume is ready for you to wear.

As you can see the Doctor Who Tardis dress shows the door of the Tardis including the signs on the door just like the current Tardis has them. And above that it says “Police public call box” just like the real Tardis.

And this  Doctor Who Tardis Halloween costume comes in a wide range of sizes to make you the perfect Tardis.

Come and check out this Doctor Who Tardis Costume Dress.

buy Rainbow Dash Costume Tank Dress

Rainbow Dash Costume Tank Dress

MLP Rainbow Dash Costume Tank Dress

Do you want to be Rainbow Dash?

This My Little Pony Costume can do that for you.
This tank top dress makes you look like Rainbow Dash. First the dress is in the color of Rainbow Dash and it has it’s face on the front and on the back there is of course the Cute Mark of Rainbow Dash.

Everything you need to make it a everyday dress and if you want it to be he perfect Halloween costume then you may want to color your hair rainbow colors.

The My Little Pony dress is a junior fitting tank top dress and it comes in a range of sizes from Small – XLarge.

Get ready to show the world you love for My Little Pony by wearing this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume Tank Dress.

buy Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress costume

Looking for that perfect tank top style dress for a hot day or as Halloween costume?

How about one based on the Care Bears?

There is a whole range of Care Bears tank dresses you can choose from:

  • Love-A-Lot Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Bedtime Bear
  • Funshine Bear

Each costume dress has the right Care bear symbol on the front and the name and a heart on the back.

These Care Bear dresses come in junior sizes Small – XLarge.

Now you and you girlfriends can all be a Care Bear this Halloween and just have fun as a group of sexy bears.

Come and have a better look at these Care Bears Costume Tank Dresses.

buy Wolverine Dress

Wolverine Dress

Wolverine dress

If Wolverine was a women then this is what she would wear.

A nice yellow tank top style tunic dress.

On the dress you see the typical Wolverine scratch marks and a red belt all printed on it.

A costume dress like this is great for costume parties or maybe Halloween but of course you can wear it in everyday life to.

This Wolverine dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex to make it feel and fit perfect.
You can get this junior fitting dress in sizes Small – X-Large.

Do you want to be a Wolverine? If so then come and get your Wolverine Costume Dress.