buy Duck Commander License Plate

Duck Commander License Plate

If you are a big Duck Dynasty fan then this Duck Commander license plate would be a great addition to you collection.

This vanity plate is black with chrome and it shows the Duck Commander logo on it with the big duck with it’s wings spread.

A Duck Dynasty plate like this would be great on your car or the wall and it surely will remind you and others about the Duck Dynasty TV series we all love so much.

Just imagine having this duck on your car or truck I am sure the black and chrome will really make it look pretty neat.

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buy Duck Dynasty Alphabet Book

Duck Dynasty Alphabet Book

D is for Duck Calls Duck Dynasty book

Miss Kay Robertson the mom of Willie and Jase now made a fun kids book to learn the alphabet.

The mother of Duck Dynasty made this book called “D is for Duck calls” in witch in a fun way the little Duck Dynasty fans can learn the alphabet with fun drawings and text like “B is for Bobo.  He’s one of my dogs. He runs after cars and chases the frogs”.

If you kids are learning the alphabet and really enjoy watching the Duck Dynasty tv show then this could be the perfect book to get them started.

The book has 48 pages (also available for Kindle) and is grade level Preschool – 3.

Teach your little one the alphabet Miss Kay style with this Duck Dynasty D Is For Duck Call Alphabet Book.

buy Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Talking Plush

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Talking Plush

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Talking Plush

The man that started it all, the Duck Commander himself …… Phil Robertson always has an opinion and will always let you know it.

That is why this is the perfect Duck Dynasty fan gift, this is a Phil Robertson talking plush that has every little detail you will find on Phil that makes him Phil like the big bushy beard, plaid shirt and the camouflage bandana.

This is a super cool plush that measures 24 inches tall and says some of Phil Robertson’s classic lines from the reality television series of Duck Dynasty, don’t miss out on this awesome plush doll.

Collect the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson talking plush.

buy Duck Dynasty Si Sweet Tea Cup

Duck Dynasty Si Sweet Tea Cup

Duck Dynasty Si Sweet Tea Cup

Si Robertson is fun, wacky and maybe a little crazy but still loved by the rest of the Duck Dynasty clan and all viewers and fans of the cool television series Duck Dynasty.

This is a cup that looks exactly like the one Si carries around a drinks sweet tea from almost every single time you see him on the hit television shows Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander.

Features the popular blue color and a Duck Commander logo.

Measuring approximately 6.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the top this Si sweet tea cup holds 6 ounces of sweet tea or your favorite beverage.

Be like uncle uncle Si and get this Duck Dynasty Si Sweet Tea Cup.

buy Duck Dynasty Paper Plates

Duck Dynasty Paper Plates

Duck Dynasty Paper Party Plates

Do you want to have dinner with the Robertson family?

If you do then you are in luck because now you can dine from plates that have some bearded men on them and of course we all know them as the Duck Dynasty men.

This pack of 8 dinner plates have pictures of Uncle Si, Phil and Willie on them together with one of their famous lines from the TV show.

These Duck Dynasty paper plates are 9 inch in diameter and are great for eating squirrel and duck.

It doesn’t matter if you have a birthday party, redneck party or just a family bbq these plates are great for any occasion that involves food.

Come check out these Duck Dynasty Paper Plates.

buy Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen Cook Book

Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen Cook Book

Duck Dynasty Miss Kay's Kitchen Cook Book

There are a few things we know about Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty and that is that she hoards, likes pets and loves to cook.

And now there is the Miss Kay’s cook book that will bring you more then 100 recipes and more. Besides how to make food she will tell you more about the Robertson family and even shows you pictures from before they went on TV.

This could be the redneck cook book you have been waiting for and as it is from Duck Commander you know it will be fun.

And of course this book makes a great gift to so lets make someone happy with this Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen Cook Book.

buy The Duck Commander Day To Day Calendar 2014

The Duck Commander Day To Day Calendar 2014

The Duck Commander Day To Day Calendar 2014

We showed you the Duck Dynasty Wall Calendar already but that offers only one page a month.

This is a day to day calendar from the Duck Commander family. Each day for the whole of 2014 will bring you a new fact you always wanted to know about the Duck Dynasty family.

This The Duck Commander calendar has easy to tear of pages that bring you fun insides in to their world.

The Duck Commander 2014 calendar is 6.13 x 5.25 inch and will bring you facts, jokes and much more from the Duck Dynasty world.

Come and get your own The Duck Commander Day To Day 2014 Calendar.

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buy Duck Commander Camo T-Shirt

Duck Commander Camo T-Shirt

Duck Dynasty Camo Shirt

On Duck Dynasty you will see a lot of camouflage clothes and this is one of the shirts they wear and now you can have one to.

This camo shirt of course makes seeing you in the bush more difficult and that is what you want if you are hunting for ducks, squirrels, snakes and what ever you want to hunt.

And this is an official Duck Commander shirt from the company of the Robertson family and they even wear this on the Duck Dynasty TV show.

You can now get your own in sizes Small – 3XL and when wearing this you will feel a lot happier.

Get ready to be invisible by simply wearing this Duck Dynasty Camouflage T-Shirt.

buy Duck Commander Window Decal

Duck Commander Window Decal

Duck Dynasty Duck Commander Window Decal

The People from Duck Commander are great at creating duck calls and they are also famous from the TV series Duck Dynasty.

And now you can have the Duck Commander logo as a window decal.
The decal is die cut so that you have just the oval shape with the duck and the words “Duck Commander”.

And you will be a bit more redneck when you have this sticker on your car.
So I would not wait to long just order this Duck Dynasty Duck Commander Window Sticker.