Joker Dark Knight Cufflinks

Joker Batman Dark Knight Cufflinks

The Joker from the Batman movie The Dark Knight is a loveable yet hated character, so if you support the Joker then check out these Joker cufflinks.

Add instant style to your suit with the Joker cuffllinks that feature a cool and very creepy Joker face, with multiple red “HA-HAH” all over.  These are perfect for any occasion and will tell everybody who you really support while watching your favorite Batman movie.

Measures 1.75″ across in diameter, with posts measuring 1″ long when straightened.

Get your Joker Batman Dark Knight Cufflinks.

buy The Joker Bath Robe

The Joker Bath Robe

Batman will not like this!

A bath robe that look like it’s the one The Joker wears.

This bath robe is in the typical colors of the Joker with his head on the front and his logo on the back. And even on the two pockets you find card symbols.

A bath robe made out of fleece to keep you warm and to keep it extra soft.

This could be the perfect gift for a real Batman fan.

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buy Joker Dark Knight Movie Poster

Joker Dark Knight Movie Poster

Batman The Dark Knight movie was the last movie in witch we could admire Heath Ledger and he was amazing as the Joker.

Now you can own the movie poster from that Batman movie and the Joker looks amazing on this poster.

This is a 11 x 17 inch poster that just needs to be in any Batman collection.

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LEGO Batman Video Game

LEGO Batman Video Game

The only thing cooler than the awsome DC comics Superhero Batman is LEGO Batman.

Check out this LEGO Batman video game a great and fun twist on your ordinary Batman. Play as one of twelve cool characters from the series of Batman, and the fun part is they are LEGO mini figures. So many features enhanced by the fact that it is LEGO, you get to build and drive LEGO versions of vehicles like the Batmobile, the Batboat and the Batwing. Also collect different cool superhero power-suits and start doing new moves.

This LEGO Batman video game is available for PS3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Windows PC, Nintendo 3DS.

Get your LEGO Batman Video Game.

buy Joker Mini Clock

Joker Mini Clock

Batman The Joker will wake you with this alarm clock

This mini clock with a picture of the Joker on it can make sure you get to work on time.

And yes this alarm clock is mini, it stands only 3 inch tall. But tiny is good because who wants to fill it’s nightstands with a clock while there could be Batman comics lying in that spot.

Batman collectors are gone love this clock that is based on The Dark Knight movie.

Go check out this Batman The Joker Mini Clock.