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Curious George Childs Hoodie

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Margaret buy Curious George Childs Hoodie

Curious George Childs Hoodie

If you have a preschooler who is a mischievous little monkey then this is the perfect sweatshirt.

This front of this brown hoodie has a screen-printed large yellow circle with Curious George sitting in front of it. He is holding a banana, ready to eat it.

The hood has little ears near the top and it is lined with orange fabric.

The word “Curious” is written in cursive above Curious George and the word “George” is written below him, both in orange letters to match the hood lining.

This very soft 100% cotton hoody zippers up the front and comes in toddler sizes 2T, 3T and 4T.

Keep your child happy and warm in this Curious George Childs Hoodie.

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Tigger in Pumpkin T-Shirt

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Margaret buy Tigger in Pumpkin T-Shirt

Tigger in Pumpkin T-shirt

“Bouncing is what Tiggers do best”.

Now you can have your very own bouncing Tigger on a t-shirt for everyone to see.

This officially licenced Disney shirt has the image of Tigger wearing a pumpkin as a costume and he is bouncing up and down. You can see Tigger’s distinctive orange and black stripes and springy tail. Tigger is wearing a hat made of the top of the pumpkin and has a green pointed collar around his neck.

This shirt comes on all sizes from infant to adult and in almost any color and style that you can think of.

Wear this shirt as a costume for a party or on Halloween or anytime to express your love of Tigger.

Show the world who your favorite Winnie the Pooh character is by getting this Tigger in Pumpkin T-Shirt.

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The LEGO Movie Emmet Kids Hoodie

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Margaret buy The LEGO Movie Emmet Kids Hoodie

Lego Emmet Boys Hoodie

Do you have a little construction worker living in your house?

Now your child can look just like Emmet Brickowski from The LEGO Movie.

The front of the hoodie is orange and blue with silver lines and looks like Emmet’s construction vest and it has Emmets ID badge on the lower left side.

The back of this hoodie is orange and has the image of Emmet as he looks in the Lego movie. The hood is orange and the sleeves blue.

This amazing hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in sizes 4 years, 5/6 years and 7 years.

Your youngster will be saying, “Everything is Awesome” when he wears this The LEGO Movie Emmet Kids Hoodie.

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Frozen Elsa Hoodie

Posted on August 30, 2014 by Margaret buy Frozen Elsa Hoodie

Frozen Elsa Hoodie

Don’t let the cold bother your little princess when you put her in this adorable hoodie based on the hit Disney film Frozen.

The front of this turquoise blue hoodie has a screen-printed picture Queen Elsa on the right side and her name ELSA printed down the left side in gold glittered letters.

The blue sleeves have an all-over white snowflake pattern and the front of the hood has a shiny silver tiara that will make any young princess feel like a queen.

This zippered Frozen Elsa hoodie also has kangaroo pockets to keep young hands warm. It comes in girls sizes 4 to 16 and is made of soft 60% cotton and 40%polyester.

Celebrate your child’s love of this movie by getting this Frozen Elsa Hoodie.

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Frozen Anna I Am The Little Sister T-Shirt

Posted on August 14, 2014 by Jennifer buy Frozen Anna I Am The Little Sister T-Shirt

Frozen Anna I Am The Little Sister T-Shirt

Are you the little sister of the family? Well, with this adorable kids Frozen Anna t-shirt everyone will know that you are the little sister.

Anna was Queen Elsa’s little sister on the wonderful Disney movie “Frozen” who loved to play together with their fun friend Olaf the snowman.

This beautiful pink short sleeve kids Anna t-shirt features the pretty Anna with her lovely braided long blond hair from the waist up wearing her  purple cloak around her shoulders and a purple bonnet on her head. There are little hearts and snowflakes surrounding her with the words ” I’m the little sister” written below her  in white.

It is a tagless t-shirts for the parents that always cut the tags of there kids clothes and is available in a variety of sizes from 2 to 7.

Go on some fun adventures with your big brother or sister while wearing this cute Frozen Anna Little Sister T-Shirt.

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Curious George Personalized Birthday T-Shirt

Posted on August 10, 2014 by George buy Curious George Personalized Birthday T-Shirt

Curious George Personalized Birthday T-Shirt

If your kid is crazy about Curious George then this could be the perfect birthday t-shirt.

This white cotton t-shirt shows Curious George decorating a cake while wearing a party hat.

And above the picture it says “Look Who’s” and a number and on the cake it says the name of kid that has it’s birthday.

And yes this t-shirt will be specially made for you with the right age and name.

This Curious George birthday t-shirt comes in many kids sizes and even comes in a baby bodysuit.

This funky monkey is gone make the birthday party so much better so do not wait just order your Curious George Personalized Birthday T-Shirt.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Trio Kids T-Shirt

Posted on July 23, 2014 by George buy Guardians of the Galaxy Trio Kids T-Shirt

Guardians of the Galaxy Trio Kids T-Shirt

This juvenile sized Guardians of the Galaxy will make almost any kid happy.

The t-shirt is black and on it you can see on top the words “Guardians of the Galaxy Trio Kids T-Shirt ” and then 3 circles with in it Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord and Groot and then below that a big spaceship that flew here right out of the movie.

And this cotton kids Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt comes in sizes 4 – 7 and will be a smash hit with all your friends and even at school.

With Marvel superhero’s on a t-shirt like this you can’t go wrong. So lets make your kids happy with this Guardians of the Galaxy Trio Kids T-Shirt.

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Frozen Olaf Slippers

Posted on July 13, 2014 by George buy Frozen Olaf Slippers

Disney Frozen Olaf Slippers

Sometimes I just want to be a kid again and this time it’s is just because of these amazing Olaf slippers.

Yes now you kids who of course all love Frozen can wear white slippers that are Olaf from the Frozen movie.

The slippers are white and on the top you can see Olaf’s face embroidered on to the slipper and yes his carrot nose is sticking out.

Now the kids just want to wear slippers around the house as Olaf can be going with them where ever they go. And yes of course they come in all kind of kids sizes so that you get them to fit perfectly.

Make you kids happy with these Disney Frozen Olaf Slippers.

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Frozen I Love Warm Hugs Olaf Kids T-Shirt

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Jennifer buy Frozen I Love Warm Hugs Olaf Kids T-Shirt

Frozen I Love Warm Hugs Olaf Kids T-Shirt

Did you and your kids fall in love with the loveable cute snowman Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen.

Well, your little one will really love to wear this cute adorable Olaf I love warm hugs t-shirt.

This girls white Frozen Olaf t-shirt features a picture of the awesome snowman Olaf holding out is stick arms ready for a hug with a big smile on his face in the middle of a heart with pretty flowers designs around the heart. Also there’s the quote ” I Love Warm Hugs” written around the outside of the heart.
And a lot of the print on this Frozen t-shirt is done in glittery print to make it even more fun.

This Olaf t-shirt is a tag less and made from 100% cotton and is available in sixes 4, 5/6, and 6X.

You will enjoy getting lots of hugs when you see your child wearing this cute Frozen Olaf T-Shirt.

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Spider-Man Toddler T-Shirt

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Jennifer buy Spider-Man Toddler T-Shirt

Spider-Man kids t-shirt with bow tie

Do you like to dress up your little toddler in favorite superhero clothes?

Well, if his favorite superhero is Spider-Man you will love to dress him in this cut formal Spider-Man t-shirt and the next birthday he is invited too.

This adorable child’s Spider-Man t-shirt features the red Spider-Man image covering most of the front with three little Spider-Man heads down the middle of the shirt and as a black bow tie at the neck. Also the t-shirt blue around the arms with a little in the neck and the back of the t-shirt is all black.

It is made of 5 oz cotton and comes in toddler sizes 2T, 3T and 4T.

Your child will go on an adventure when he wears this cute Spider-Man Formal T-Shirt.

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