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Wall-E Good Robot T-Shirt

Posted by on Wednesday, 29 January, 2014

Wall-E Good Robot T-Shirt

Do you remember Wall-E?

The cute robot left all by himself to clean the planet of garbage. Wall-E is a cute and good robot who does what is asked of him and to remember him for that there now is this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows the top of Wall-E and below that the words “Good Robot” Wall-E’s piercing eyes staring at you.

And this Wall-E t-shirt comes in men, women’s and kids versions in all kind of sizes to make the whole family find the perfect size.

A black t-shirt like this can show the world that you didn’t forget the helpful robot.
So why wait come and get your Wall-E Good Robot T-Shirt.

Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress

Posted by on Sunday, 26 January, 2014

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress

Now you little girl can be Rainbow Dash her favourite character of My Little Pony.

This toddler dress is blue of course and the top has the face of Rainbow Dash including the colorful mane.
On the back of the top you can find some wings because this pony can fly.

Kids are gone love to dress up like Rainbow Dash because now they can be a fun pony an sing and dance around the living room.

This My Little Pony toddler dress comes in sizes 4 – 8 so that you can get you little girl the dress she needs now.

Come and play in this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Toddler Dress.

Breaking Bad Heisenbert T-Shirt

Posted by on Wednesday, 22 January, 2014

Breaking Bad Heisenbert T-Shirt

We all know Heisenberg and the way he changes the drug trade but do you know Heisenbert?

I guess Heisenbert is the Breaking Bad drug dealer from Sesame Street.

Heisenbert looks like Heisenberg but then with the face of Bert.

This fun t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes and in a men, women’s and youth fit. You know the Heisenbert t-shirt even comes in different colors but not in meth blue.

So if having fun with Sesame Street and Breaking Bad is something you would like then you just have to wear this t-shirt .

Lets not wait any longer and just get a Breaking Bad Heisenbert T-Shirt.

Frozen Anna And Elsa Swimsuit

Posted by on Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Swimsuit

A day to the beach or a visit to the pool al means that a nice swimsuit is needed.

If your girl likes Frozen then this swimsuit can be perfect.

The Frozen swimsuit is purple and has the sisters Anna and Elsa on the front complete with flowers.
And the swimsuit is trimmed with laced to make it even more like Princess worthy.

This girls swimsuit is fully lined and will give an UPF 50+ UV protection.

You can get this Frozen girls swimsuit in sizes 2 -10 and the kids are gone love to have a bathing suit based on their favorite Disney movie.

So lets make you little girl happy with this Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Swimsuit.

Curious George Monkey Face T-Shirt

Posted by on Sunday, 5 January, 2014

Curious George Brown Monkey Face T-Shirt

Kids and adults that like Curious George are in luck as there now is the most amazing Curious George t-shirt.

This brown t-shirt shows the face of Curious George and the shirt is in the monkey’s color so only his ears and the face show up making it like you are wearing Curious George.

Besides that the t-shirt just says “Curious George” in small print next to the head.

And this Curious George t-shirt comes in so many sizes for toddlers, kids and adults so the whole family can wear this t-shirt.

If this monkey is what you like then come have a closer look at this Curious George Monkey Face T-Shirt.

Thomas The Train Toddler Fleece Hoodie

Posted by on Friday, 13 December, 2013

Thomas The Train Toddler Fleece Hoodie

Do your kids love Thomas?

If they do then they will love this fleece hoodie as it has a big picture of Thomas the Train on it.

This steel blue polar fleece hoodie has “Thomas” embroidered on it and below that a big embossed plastic picture of Thomas.
So with Thomas right there kids will just be loving it and the fleece and hood will keep them warm to.

This Thomas hoodie is comes in a range of toddler sizes so that you little one can be warm and happy.

You should have a closer look at this Thomas The Train Toddler Fleece Hoodie.

MLP Rainbow Dash Kids Costume Hoodie

Posted by on Sunday, 1 December, 2013

My Little Pony girls rainbow dash hoodie

The kids are gone love this My Little Pony hoodie.

The body of this hoodie is light blue just like Rainbow Dash but the sleeves have stripes in all kind of colors and that makes it looks super fun. Besides that the body has a big picture of the face of Rainbow Dash and on the back there are some wings sticking out. And on the hood there you find the colored mane we all know and love from Rainbow Dash.

You can get this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash hoodie in girls sizes 4 – 16 and they run a bit small.

Surprise your little My Little Pony fan with this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume Hoodie.

Minion Dear Santa I Can Explain T-Shirt

Posted by on Thursday, 28 November, 2013

Minion Dear Santa I can explain t-shirt

Where you a little bit naughty this year?

The Minion on this t-shirt was and he is trying to get that sorted out with Santa Claus.

This boy’s t-shirt is red and shows a Minion with a scared look on his face and around it the text “Dear Santa I can explain!”.

Kids and adults will love this t-shirt but it only comes in kids sizes XSmall – XLarge.

So if you have something to explain to Santa or just want a fun Christmas t-shirt then you have to take a closer look at this Despicable Me Minion Dear Santa I Can Explain T-Shirt.

Frozen Olaf The Snowman Pajamas

Posted by on Friday, 15 November, 2013

Disney Frozen Olaf The Snowman Pajamas

Olaf is a snowman and he is one of the characters from the Disney movie Frozen.

And Olaf is friendly and fun but he forgets sometimes that his body is made from snow and can fall apart in pieces.
But no worries Olaf will stay in one piece this time as he is printed on these cute kids pajamas.

The pants and sleeves of the pajama are light blue with green cuffs and on it you can see snowflakes and Olaf’s head.
Chest part of the pajama shirt have a huge picture of Olaf  on it and he seems to be really happy to be on your pajama.

This kids Frozen pajama is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 2 -10 and will make some kids really happy.

Now is a good time to shop for you kids new sleepwear lets look at this Frozen Olaf The Snowman Pajama.

Doc McStuffins Kids Pajama

Posted by on Thursday, 14 November, 2013

Doc McStuffins Kids Pajama set

Do your girls like Doc McStuffins? If they do then what would be more fun then watching the Doc on TV while you are in your Doc McStuffins pajama. And of course these pajamas are also great for sleeping.

The Doc McStuffins pajama set has pink pants that has fun stripes on them and a big pink bow.

And the long sleeve pajama shirt shows Doc McStuffins, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly and lots of hearts and the words “Let’s Cuddle” because that is what stuffed creatures like to do.

You can get these Doc McStuffins pajamas in kinds sizes 2 – 10 so that they can enjoy Doc McStuffins in the right size.

Lets give you kids the dreams of the Doc while wearing these fun Doc McStuffins kids Pajamas.