buy Star Wars Yoda LEGO Set 7194

Star Wars Yoda LEGO Set 7194

Yoda, the Jedi Master of all Jedi’s. If you are a fan of Star Wars then this is one LEGO Yoda statue that you will want to add to your collection.

This Yoda is the LEGO set number of 7194 has a total of 1075 pieces. Each colored section can be put together separately then attached together. When Yoda is fully completed it will stand a total of 14 inches and has a head that moves side to side.

With an amazing amount of attention to detail from the white Jedi coat to Yoda’s cane and of course the green head and large ears.

Add this to your Star Wars collection and show off the force.

Get your Star Wars Yoda LEGO Set 7194

buy LEGO Princess Rapunzel’s Tower 41054

LEGO Princess Rapunzel’s Tower 41054

The magical world of Disney now can be constructed by yourself with the classic and fun LEGO blocks. If you love Disney’s Tangled then check out this LEGO set.

This LEGO set is based after Rapunzel’s tower from the great Disney animated movie Tangled. Find all the pieces to put together the tower along with many different accessories from a full kitchen, hidden stair case, fireplace, mirror, chair, frying pan, tiara and so much more.

Not only do you get all of these accessories you will also get 2 LEGO mini figures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as well as Pascal the chameleon.

The Rapunzel’s tower is the LEGO set number of 41054 and when put together it measures over 12 inches high x 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep.

Get your LEGO Princess Rapunzel’s Tower 41054

buy LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016

This is the 2016 LEGO Star Wars advent calendar that will help you count the days until Christmas.

This is LEGO set 75146 and it includes 282 pieces which makes 24 cool Star Wars themed items.

In the box, you find a landscape for the presents and of course 24 places with toys in them.

In the Star Wars advent calendar, you will find lots of spaceships and mini figures that you can use with all your other Star Wars LEGO and other LEGO sets you own.

A LEGO advent calendar is much better than one with chocolates especially as this on has Star Wars LEGO inside.

Get your LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016

buy LEGO Batman Shower Curtain

LEGO Batman Shower Curtain

Now you can have a Batman shower curtain that shows not just any Batman but the LEGO Batman that we all know and love of course.

The background of the shower curtain goes from white to black and in front of that you can see a giant figure of LEGO Batman and his Batarang boomerang that is in the shape of a bat of course.

This Batman shower curtain is 66 x 72 inch and has 12 holes for the hooks to hang it with and would be the perfect shower curtain for any boys bathroom or maybe just to hang on the wall of you bat cave.

Get your LEGO Batman Shower Curtain

buy Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

If you like The Simpsons then of course you like the Kwik-E-Mart and now you can own you own store just like Apu has.

Sure this is not a real store but it is just like the real thing only made from LEGO.

This LEGO set has number 71016 and contains 2179 pieces witch include the Kwik-E-Mart store that can open so that you can see everything inside. It also include the police car of Chief Wiggum and his mini figure. And yes Homer, Marge, Bart and many other characters are included to because the Simpsons would not be the same without them.

Get your Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

buy Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

Star Wars is an amazing entity on its own, but what happens when you combine it with LEGO? Only one word can describe it, fantastic! Now you can add the Millennium Falcon to your must build LEGO set.

This latest version of the Millenium Falcon is streamlined with a detachable cockpit. It has a spring-loaded shooter and rotating top. It is mostly grey and white, but it is enough to brighten your day if you are a Star Wars fan, or LEGO fan for that matter.

The put together LEGO set 75105 measures approximately 5 inches high by 18 inches long by 12 inches wide. It consists of 1239 pieces of pure joy and happiness.

Get your Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

buy LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a great way to count down to Christmas and if you are a LEGO and Star Wars fan then this LEGO Advent Calendar will be the best advent calendar to get.

This s the 2015 Advent Calendar but the year does not matter to much as is just counts down from December 1st to the 25th.

This is LEGO set number 75097 and has 24 Star Wars themed gifts inside.

You can find 5 mini figures and 2 holiday themed droids but that is just the start of it as it has just to many amazing Star Wars LEGO inside it.

Get your LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar

buy Batman Man-Bat Attack LEGO Set

Batman Man-Bat Attack LEGO Set

Batman Helicopter Man-Bat Attack LEGO Set

The many battles Batman has gone through and the many different weapons and cool mobiles he has used, this is one scene done in LEGO you will want to collect.

This LEGO set features 3 LEGO minifugures of Batman, Nightwing and Man-Bat each with different assorted weapons, also you will get to build the Batman BatCopter! Yes the helicopter that Batman has turned into his own with spinning rotors, 2 flick missiles, working winch and hook and an open cockpit to put the minifigure in.

This amazing LEGO Batman battle scene has a total of 184 pieces waiting for you to build and recreate scenes or just display for other DC Comics fans.

Collect or play with the DC Comics Batman Helicopter Man-Bat Attack LEGO Set.

buy Back To The future LEGO DeLorean

Back To The future LEGO DeLorean

Back To The Future LEGO DeLorean

The amazing time machine car the DeLorean from the hit series of movies Back To The Future is now available for you to take home today….. well in awesome LEGO version that is.

This LEGO DeLorean has every little detail you see in the movies with wires, hoses, flux capacitor, bumpers and a licenses plate that says “California OUTATIME”. The gull-wing doors open and your LEGO minifigures can fit inside, the wheels fold in to go into hover mode.

Also included is two minifigures, find Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown in his white lab coat and Marty McFly with his orange vest and also a purple fuctionable skateboard. The DeLorean measures approximately 2 inches hgh x 5 inches long x 3 inches wide.

You will also get the building instructions along with an exclusive Back to the Future information booklet.

Start building today with the Back To The Future LEGO DeLoren Model.

buy LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House

Are you looking for the special Simpsons piece to add to your collection?

If you like LEGO then look no further because this is the Simpsons house made out of LEGO.

The set includes the house and it opens up and the roof can be taken off to so that you can go look in all the rooms and there is a garage with the famous car the Simpsons family drive in.

Then there is a BBQ, skateboard ramp and more. And yes the whole Simpsons family is included to and even neighbour Flanders is there.

Expect 10+ hours to work on this master piece but after that you will have you own LEGO Simpsons House.