buy Superman Necktie

Superman Necktie

When you are undercover the best thing to wear is a necktie of yourself as a super hero. Yes Clark Kent should wear this tie, then nobody would think he is Superman, if your Superman why would you market yourself. Well anyway if you are a fan of Superman you should get this nice looking necktie and show him your support.

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buy Doctor Who Hoodie

Doctor Who Hoodie

Doctor Who Tardis Insignia Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Even the doctor may get a little cold, so what do you think he would wear?

I have a feeling he would go for this hot looking Doctor Who hooded sweatshirt, with a clever image of the Tardis on the front, but if you look close you will notice it is also a DW symbol. This pull over hoodie has a frnt pouch pocket and is made from heavyweight 9oz. cotton.

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