Green Lantern Boxer Shorts


Green Lantern Boxer Shorts

The Green Lantern, you can guarantee that under his stretchy superhero suit he is wearing a cool and comfortable pair of these Green Lantern boxer shorts.

Show your passion and support for your favorite DC comics superhero the Green Lantern with these 100% cotton boxer shorts that feature a huge Green Lantern logo on the front and white stripes down the sides, also the elastic waist band has “Green Lantern” printed around multiple times. Found in many different sizes.

Get your Green Lantern Boxer Shorts.

buy Batman Kids Pajamas And Cape

Batman Kids Pajamas And Cape

Every child wants to be Batman, that is why this is the perfect pajama set to get your little superhero.

This is a Batman pajama set that features the Batman logo on the front chest of armour and a cool print at the bottom of the shirt of the Batman utility belt. Also what makes this such an awsome Batman pajama set is the added accessory of a cape, which is easy to fasten on and off.

Made from 100% flame resistant polyester this Batman kids pajama set comes in many different sizes.

Get your Batman Kids Pajamas And Cape

Glee 2012 Wall Calendar

Glee 2012 wall calendar

2012 will be the year that you see a new picture of Glee every month.

This wall calendar of Glee will be your pride and joy for the whole year.

All the people you expect like Finn, Sue Sylvester and Will Shuester and of course Rachel and many many more will all be there to make you year a super fun year.

Every month you find a new amazing Glee photo and of course a calendar for that month.

Have a closer look at what is offerd by the Glee Wall Calendar 2012.

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buy Scooby-Doo Pajama Set

Scooby-Doo Pajama Set

Scooby-Doo kids pajama's

Scooby-Doo the fun but slightly crazzy dog we all love from the TV is now printed on these cool kids pajama’s.

They come as a set with brown pants and a shirt that has brown sleeves and a white middel parth that shows Scooby’s logo and of course a big picture of Scooby-Doo smiling.

These pajama’s are availible in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 4, 5, 6 and 7 so your toddler or boy will be happy. And these pajama’s are made out of 100% cotton.

Time to give some nice and warm Scooby-Doo Pajama’s.

buy Batman Cutout Cufflinks

Batman Cutout Cufflinks

Cufflinks that are based on superhero’s are often pretty in your face because of bright colors.

But that is not the case with this set of Batman cufflinks. These cufflinks are just the shape of the Batman logo and the middle part is not there.

Now when you wear these cufflinks you can only see the bat shape on your shirt and the color of you shirt comes through so it will be noticiable but in away that it looks special.

These Batman cufflinks come in silver or black. And these cufflinks are officially licensed Batman cufflinks.

Get your Batman Cutout Cufflinks

Batman Mighty Wallet

Batman Mighty Wallet

Batman fans this is you new wallet!

Not only does it have the Batman logo on the outside, it also has a kicking Batman on the inside. And that is just Batman.

Besides being a Batman wallet this is also a Mighty Wallet and that means that this amazing wallet is super strong, light weight, water proof, extermly durable and Thin.

This Batman Mighty Wallet is made out of Tyvek witch is extremly strong because of it structure. It is made out of 25% recycled HDPE plastic and the Mighty Wallet can be recycled itself.

Not only does this wallet look amazing it is amazing to. It is thin but it will expand itself when you add thing to it.

This Batman wallet has two bill sections and two sections for cards witch can hold a couple of cards easily. And then there is a long section (like a tube) running over the full length of the wallet and that one can be used for anything else you want to store or folded it can be seen as two more card compartments.

All in all a super wallet that is based on a superhero.

If you want an amzing looking wallet that will amaze you by being so special then you should come and check out this Batman Mighty Wallet.

Mythbusters Heath Sensitive Mug

Mythbusters heath sensitive mug

This could be the perfect gift.

How about get a nice black mug with the Mythbusters logo on it and being happy that you got this mug as the Mythbusters is your favorite program on TV.

But then you put some nice hot coffee in it and it changes……. The mug changes colrs and a completly new print shows up.

The Mug is now white and still has the Mythbusters logo but also words like playsible and confirmed just like they use them on TV.

And then when the coffee is done the mug will go back to black to hide his true nature from the rest of the world.

Go and discover with this Mythbusters Heath Sensitive Coffee Mug.

Star Wars Belt

Star Wars Logo Belt

What holds your pants up?

If it isn’t a Star Wars belt then why not?

This black leather belt has the Star Wars logo printed on it.

Now you can have a reminder of the best movies ever with you at all time.

If you like Star Wars (and if you didn’t you wheren’t reading this) then you want this belt.

So don’t wait just go get your own Star Wars Logo Belt.

buy Green Lantern Beanie Hat

Green Lantern Beanie Hat

Green Lantern Beanie Hat

The Green Lantern, just another awsome Superhero from the amazing minds of DC comics.

This is a super comfortable and really warm Green Lantern beanie hat, protect your head heat in Superhero style. The Green Lanter hat features a nice embroidered Green Lantern logo on the front and cool looking green and black stripe design, also to help lock in the power of heat there are some really useful draw strings.

Get your Green Lantern Beanie Hat.

Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Case


Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Case

Batman a DC comics Superhero known for protecting, so why not let him protect your precious Blackberry Torch 9800 with this phone case.

This coveroo phone case features the Batman logo loud and clear in traditional Batman yellow and will protect your phone from scratches and knocks, while at the same time leaving all your buttons and ports open for use. This case is made for the Blackberry Torch 9800, but you can find the Batman logo case for many other phone types.

Guard your phone with the  Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Phone Case.