Papa Smurf Patch

The Smurfs clothing patch

Here we have Papa Smurf the leader of the Smurfs.

This version of Papa Smurf is a patch that you can use to repair or decorate clothes.

This embroiderd patch will look amazing and the kids are gone love it when they see Papa Smurfs.

You can just iron this patch on to the clothing or sew it if you prefer.

Bring a smile to your kids face when they see the Papa Smurf Patch.

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Miss Piggy Patch

The Muppets Patch of Miss Piggy

It would look amazing to have this embroiderd patch of Miss Piggy on your clothes or backpack.

The Muppets can’t exist without this superstar Miss Piggy and this patch can make you life a bit more flashy as well.

You can both iron or sow this patch so that it will be secure to your beloings and it is a qaulity product so don’t worry about using it.

Get ready for The Muppets with this Miss Piggy Patch.

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Homer Simpson Patch

Doh a Simpson patch with Homer Simpson himself

This is a 4″ tall patch that shows Homer Simpson saying his typical word “D’oh!” and that is of course great because who does not love Homer Simpson.

The patch is an embroiderd version of Homer that can be ironed on a piece of clothing like a shirt, jacket, cap or maybe a backpack.

Now you can hide some holes or faults in your clothing with a great Simpsons patch.

Have a closer look at this Homer Simpsons D’oh! Patch.

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buy Captain America Patch

Captain America Patch

A nice patch of Captain America that would be so great. This patch can be ironed on so you don’t even need a needle to secure it.

Now you can make your “boring” items stand out with this nice patch of a running Captain America.

You can put Captain America on all kind of things like clothing or a back pack or maybe a baseball cap.

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Winnie The Pooh Picnic Patch

Winnie The Pooh has a picnic on this nice patch

Winnie the Pooh is having a picnic on this embroidered patch. Of course this bear likes his food and specially fresh fruits that he eats out of his picnic basket.

This patch will be great on your clothing or maybe even you lunch bag. You can just iron this patch on so that it will be there for others to admire.

Go get your Winnie The Pooh Has A Picnic Patch.

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