buy Cookie Monster Hooded Towel

Cookie Monster Hooded Towel

Kids are gone love to take a bath.

This towel looks like there favorite Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.

A hooded towel that is what this is and it has the big face of Cookie monster on one side and the other side has dozens of small Cookie Monster faces on it.

The towel is 72″ long and 30″ wide and that is plenty of space for a kid to hide in.

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buy Spongebob Rockpants Beach towel

Spongebob Rockpants Beach towel

Yes he looks like Spongebob Squarepants but no he is Spongebob Rockpants.

This Spongebob is a master a playing Guitar Hero and is so good that his friends Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are dancing on the music he plays.

And this picture is what you see on this beach towel. No you can rock the beach with the Spongebob Rockpants beach towel.

With this huge 30 x 60 inch towel you will make tons of friends while you enjoy sun and sand.

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buy Betty Boop Breeze Beach Towel

Betty Boop Breeze Beach Towel

Betty Boop is getting the breeze under her dress and that picture is printed on this nice looking beach towel.

Going to the beach never was so much fun. Enjoying a day in the sun and sand becomes so much better when Betty Boop is there.

The towel is made of 100% cotton and measures 30 x 60 inches.

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buy Spongebob Lifeguard Beach Towel

Spongebob Lifeguard Beach Towel

Here is Spongeguard! Who?

OK Spongebob Squarepants as a lifeguard. Spongebob got a lot of muscles and is ready to save the unfortunate swimmer.

This picture of Spongebob is printed on a beach towel so you don’t have to worry when you go swimming because you brought Spongeguard.

Spongebob is printed agains a light red background on a 30 x 60 inch beach towel.

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Princess Hooded Towel

Disney Princess Hooded towel with build in crown.

Now you little girl can be a real princess. This Hooded towel has pictures of Disney Princesses all around.

But that is not enough to make you girl feel special.

This towel has a build in crown so when she wears the towel it will look like she is wearing a crown.

Make you little princess look like one with this Princess Hooded Towel.

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Don’t Panic Towel


Today is May 25th and that means international towel day!

Of course that doesn’t mean to you to much if you never heard of  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but if you did you probably already carry around a towel because you never know when a spaceship is gone pick you up.

And OK maybe you can’t get this cool towel today on towel day but just get one for next year because this 27 x 52″ towel say Don’t Panic on it and you know that this could come in handy sometimes.

Have no second thoughts about this just go order your Don’t Panic Towel.


Tinker Bell Beach Towel

tinker bell beach towel

With kids pools getting ready for summer so should you and this Tinker Bell towel is great for summer or just for after a nice shower at home.

This beach towel is 30 x 60 inches and that of course is great for lying on while enjoying the beach or maybe to sit on when in the garden. Tinker Bell loves to come with you where ever you go so go check out the Tinker Bell Beach Towel

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Hannah Montana Beach Towel

Hannah Montana Beach towel

Summer is almost here and that means swimming and enjoying the beach. And what better way to do that then with you own 30 x 60 Hannah Montana Beach Towel?

Of course you don’t have to take it to the beach you can use it at home or at the pool to. People will be watching you and you Hannah Montana towel.

Check out this cool Hannah Montana Beach Towel.

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