iCarly 2011 Wall Calendar

iCarly 2011 Wall Calendar

Who doesn’t like iCarly and her friend Sam?

So that is why you and all your friends of course are gone get the same calendar this year because the 16 month iCarly calendar for 2011 will be so nice to have that you and all your friends want one.

Check out the super iCarly 2011 Calendar.

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Superman 4GB USB Drive


WOW! Check this Superman 4GB USB Thumb Drive Dog Tag out. This might be the coolest USB drive you will ever find. It is made from stainless steel and has a long neck chain. You can wear it as a necklace and no one will even know it is a USB drive, unless ofcourse it is another huge Superman fan, because they will probly have one.

Get your Superman 4GB USB Flash Drive.

Dexter 2011 Calendar

Dexter 2011 Wall Calendar

Now you got a nice way to get reminded that it is ok to think the things you think as long as you don’t bring them in to action.

Check out this Dexter 2011 calendar that will give you lots and lots of months of Dexter and that means great pictures from this super TV show.

Check out this Dexter 2011 Wall Calendar.

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buy Snoopy USB HUB

Snoopy USB HUB

Snoopy the flying ace. There is Snoopy flying around in his red little plane.

But of course this is not just a fun looking Snoopy plane, this is a USB HUB. Now you can decorate your desk with this Snoopy hub and when you hook it up to your computer you can press the button and Snoopy starts flying or to be more  precise the plane moves and the propeller turns.

And besides that it also has a 3 port HUB build in withs is a USB 2.0 HUB so great for connecting all your other USB devices.

Check out this super fun Snoopy Flying Ace USB 2.0 HUB.

Tinker Bell 2011 Calendar

Tinker Bell 2011 Wall Calendar

There is your fairy friend Tinker Bell and with this new calendar for 2011 you can enjoy funny Tinker Bell all year long and it gets even better because this calendar is not 12 but 16 months so that means even more Tinker Bell joy.

Check out the Tinker Bell 2011 Wall Calendar.

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Cartman Talking Wacky Wobbler

Who is your favorite South Park character? Cartman for sure.

Cartman is the fat boy that all South Park fans love. Cartman Talking Bobblehead is dressed in his trademark button-up sweater. This wobbler from South Park says “Sweet” when you bob his head. Use him to entertain yourself or show him off to your friends.

Find your Cartman Talking Wacky Wobbler.

Hannah Montana Calendar 2011

Hannah Montana 2011 Wall Calendar

New year is coming and that means that a new calendar should be on your wall soon. But don’t wait to long because then all the cool Calendars are gone.

Why not get you 16 month Hannah Montana Calendar for 2011 today so that you can start enjoying Miley Cyrus sooner then anybody else.

Check out the Hannah Montana 2011 Wall Calendar.

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buy Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter

OK you have to be a real Star Trek fan before you get something as great as this.

So what do you think of this pizza cutter in the shape of NCC-1701 Enterprise? Great I would say now finally my pizza will be cut at warp speed.

OK just check out the video of the Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter.

buy LEGO Darth Vader Watch

LEGO Darth Vader Watch

A Star Wars fan is not afraid to show his love and now you can wear this beautiful timepiece to show the world you love of Darth Vader. This LEGO watch shows Darth on the face. Unfortunately you can’t build the watch itself as it doesn’t have such a small LEGO pieces but you can change the order of the colourful band so that it still looks different then the others.

Get your LEGO Darth Vader Watch