Dora Ring and Earring set

This is great a party set of Dora the Explorer rings and sticker earrings. This is a set of 7 different rings and earrings and that is great for your girl so that she can dress differently any day of the week. But also great for party favors.

Check out the Dora The Explore Ring and Earring Set.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows T-Shirt

The real Harry Potter fan know what is coming and to be prepared of the new movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows you need to update you clothing.

So what about this T-Shirt? You now can have this smashing cool Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows T-Shirt.

Big Bang Season 1 Poster

Big Bang Theory is the CBS Hit TV show that you make look less then a nerd and it is so funny you just have to watch it.

And what better way to watch it then in a room decorated with a BIG Bang Poster.

Check out this Big Bang Theory Season 1 Poster.

Hogwarts Express Bookends

So you own all the Harry Potter books but think they need some focus on you bookshelf?

Look no further because now you can own this special set of Hogwarts Express bookends. With these beautiful crafted bookends it will look at the Hogwarts Express drives through all your Harry Potter books.

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buy Lost DHARMA Travel Mug

Lost DHARMA Travel Mug

Here we have a great looking travel mug for traveling or just at home. This mug has LOST printed on it but in the DHARMA pattern so that it becomes even more appealing to the Lost watchers.

The mug’s outer shell is ceramic and the inside is stainless steel and that makes this mug great for hot and cold drinks and makes it healthier then all the plastic mugs out there. Of course it will fit in you cup holder in your car so just take it to you favorite coffee place and let them put their coffee in it. By doing so you help the planet to with less garbage being created.

Go check out this cool Lost Ceramic DHARMA Travel Mug.

Star Wars Bookends

Let me guess, your the biggest Star Wars fan in the galaxy. So you probly have every book, DVD, CD or anything recorded that has to do with Star Wars. Then you will love these book ends of the original Star Wars logo cut right down the middle. I can not think of a better place to keep your Star Wars stuff.

Get your Star Wars Bookends.

Thomas The Train Bunk Bed

Real Thomas & Friends fan would love this. OK you need two Thomas fans for this but it is really great to have this Thomas the train bunk bed.

Now you and your bother both can sleep in the train.

It fits two twin size mattresses that are not included. And this will well be the best looking bed you ever seen.

If you are looking in to getting a bunk bed for your kids then maybe think of this Thomas bed.

Check all the details of this Thomas The Train Bunk Bed.