buy Barbie Backpack

Barbie Backpack

Kids Barbie backpack

Kids love Barbie and if you show them this backpack they will love it to as it is a Barbie backpack.

It is not a huge backpack but great for kids to take to daycare, school and play. There is plenty of room for their Barbie dolls and more. There are two main pockets with zippers and a side pocket to.

The backpack is made in two shade of pink and has the Barbie logo on it and a picture of a Barbie doll and clothes.

If your kid like dolls then they will love this Barbie Kids Backpack.

buy Batman Reversible Backpack

Batman Reversible Backpack

Batman Reversible Backpack

We all know that a backpack like clothes gets boring if you have the same on everyday.

And that is why this Batman backpack is so great.
Because this backpack is black on one side with a big Batman logo and if you turn it inside out you find a new print with picture from the Batman cartoons and again a big Batman logo.
So basicly you get two backpacks for the price of one.

And this backpack measures 17 x 13 x 4.5 inches and that makes it great for school and play.

Come and have a closer look at the details of this Reversible Batman Backpack.

buy Hannah Montana Guitar Backpack

Hannah Montana Guitar Backpack

Hannah Montana Guitar Backpack

Need a new amazing looking backpack?

This Hannah Montana backpack can be the backpack you where always looking for.

As you can see on the picture this backpack has a log of glitter and starts and the words “Hannah Montana” on it but there is more.
It is also looking like it is part of a guitar and of course then there is Hannah Montana her self printed on it to.

That is all the fancy stuff. It of course is also just a nice backpack with a large pocket and a small front pocket and two mess side pockets.

All in all a great bag for everyday use at school or just for your other times.

Come and check out this Hannah Montana Guitar Backpack.

Hello Kitty Plush Backpack


Hello Kitty Plush Backpack

OK going to school is fun and all but how do we entertain ourselfs for so many hours everyday?

Maybe it helps if you have a fun backpack like this Hello Kitty plush backpack.

This backpack is shaped like Hello kitty and Hello kitty is wearing a jersey with HK on the side and a she has a nice pink bow in her hair.

If you want to impress you friends then come check out this Hello Kitty Plush Backpack.

buy Strawberry Shortcake Toddler Backpack

Strawberry Shortcake Toddler Backpack

Your little Strawberry Shortcake fan will love this backpack.

It has a lot of pink and of course Strawberry Shortcake while sitting down and looking happy.
This is a backpack for the little once from 3 years and up and has adjustable straps and a zipper closed main compartment.

And all that make is a great backpack for play, school, daycare and more.

Get your Strawberry Shortcake Toddler Backpack

buy iCarly Best Buds Backpack

iCarly Best Buds Backpack

iCarly Best Buds Backpack

You school work and other fun stuff needs a place to live and a backpack is ideal for that as you can easily take it with you where ever you go.

A boring backpack is always an option but why would you when you can have a special iCarly backpack.

This iCarly backpack is 16 inch tall and has lots of room and even a side pocket for a water bottle or other things and there is a hang loop so that you can easily hang your backpack in your locker.

On this backpack you see all kinds of things from flower and hards to a picture of iCarly and Sam and the words “Best Buds”.

So if you need a new backpack then come checkout this iCarly Best Buds Backpack.

buy Doctor Who And Tardis Backpack

Doctor Who And Tardis Backpack

Fans of the Doctor will be amazed when they see this Doctor Who backpack.

This backpack has a space like background with the Tardis infront of that and infront of the Tardis we find the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) pointing at you with his sonic screwdriver.
And of course there is the Doctor Who logo on their to.

A backpack like this may not be for everyone as it could be to small for school it still can be very usefull for smaller tasks or just to be pretty.

Get your Doctor Who And Tardis Backpack

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buy The Muppets Backpack

The Muppets Backpack

The Muppets Backpack

Who is your favorite Muppet?

Well with this backpack it really doesn’t matter, find all of the cool Muppet characters all over this backpack, with the front small pocket featuring Animal, Kermit the frog, Fozzy Bear and Gonzo in his Super Gonzo costume.

This backpack has many cool features aswell, a large main compartment with a zipper, a smaller front pocket also with a zipper and two side pockets that are fastened shut with velcro.

Measures 16 inches and is an officially licensed Disney backpack, there is lots of room for all your books and gear.

Try out The Muppets Backpack.

buy The Little Mermaid Ariel Backpack

The Little Mermaid Ariel Backpack

The Little Mermaid Ariel Backpack

Get ready to tote around all your gear and books with The Little Mermaid.

From the wonderful under the sea adventures of Princess Ariel (The Little Mermaid) this backpack has a great image of Ariel looking very innocent and cute, along with nice under water designs of sea shells and plants.

A very durable backpack that measures 16″ x 12″ X 5″  with two side pockets that can be closed with velcro and a large main compartment that has zipper closure, also there is an additional front zippered pocket.

With large padded adjutable straps for comfort and extra padding on the back of the backpack giving a super comfy feel.

Try on your Disney’s The Little Mermaid Ariel Backpack.

buy The Hunger Games Backpack

The Hunger Games Backpack

The Hunger Games Backpack

Tote your books and gear around with true district 12 fashion.

This is a backpack that is based after the series of novels and movies The Hunger Games, you will find “12” behind the mesh pocket on the side, 12 standing for district 12.

On the outside of the backpack there is a large mockingjay image, just like the one on the pin that Katniss Everdeen wears throughout the series.

Not only does this backpack look good it has many features, a mesh side pocket for a water bottle, adjustable padded straps and a secure double buckle.

Put on your The Hunger Games Backpack.