buy Harry Potter Slytherin Robe

Harry Potter Slytherin Robe

The Slytherin house is one of four houses at  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry known for having students who have traits such as  cunning and ambition. Also the Slytherin house is said to produce Dark Wizards, such as Lord Voldemort. This awsome authentic replica of a Slytherin robe is the perfect thing for a Harry Potter fan, use it to drees up as your favorite from the Slytherin household. This robe is high quality and has all the features you see in the Harry Potter movie, like the hidden wand pocket and a hood also a really nice embroidered Slytherin crest.

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buy Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume

Captain America Men's costume great for Halloween

You want to be Captain America?

This is your changes with this Captain America costume for men.

You will be the best dress Captain America at your Halloween or dress up party.

The suite has a muscle torso and legs build in and what else do you need to impress the ladies.

Don’t forget that without a suite as good as this you will be a lousy Captain America.

So wait no longer and go order your ow Captain America Men’s Costume.

buy Marge Simpson Costume

Marge Simpson Costume

Mare Simpson Halloween Costume for adults

Do you want to be the wife of Homer Simpson?

If so then we got what it takes. This Marge Simpson costume includes the famous green dress, the blue hair and the red bead necklace (shoes not included) so basically everything you need to become Marge. And sorry kids this is an adult size costume.

This will be the perfect costume for Halloween or any dress up party.

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buy Dark Mark Death Eater Temporary Tattoo

Dark Mark Death Eater Temporary Tattoo

There are Harry Potter fans and Harry potter haters and if you really do not like Harry then you probably love Lord Voldemort instead.

If you do then now you have the option to get a real Dark Mark Tattoo to show you loyalty to Voldemort.

And yes this is a temporary tattoo so you can still change your mind if you wanted to. You can even change your mind more  then once because this Dark Mark Tattoo comes in packs of 5.

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buy Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costume

Your kid is gone so love you when you give them this Optimus Prime Costume.

The Autobot here Optimus Prime will look so great on your kid.

A costume they will not want to take off because who doesn’t want to be a Transformer?

Also a great costume for Halloween so be prepared for the Transformer to rule the world.

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buy Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinning Dagger

Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinning Dagger

Captain Jack Sparrow, the star of the hit series of movies Pirates of the Caribbean is a smooth talking  and crafty pirate with lots of different tricks up his sleeves. One memorable thing Captain Jack Sparrow does is spinning his dagger in his hand. You too can now be your own crafty Pirate Captain with this spinning dagger and for cool added effect it has electronic sounds when you spin it around.

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Green Lantern Light-Up Ring

Green Lantern Light-Up Ring

DC comics The Green Lantern has one of the most powerful superhero tools, his ring. Now you can have this awsome Green Lantern ring, just use your imagination and let the ring take it from there. Just like the feature film of The Green Lantern this ring also lights-up to add to it’s unique purpose, add it to your DC comic collection or use it as a role playing prop, The possibilities are endless you just have to imagine.

Get your Green Lantern Light-Up Ring.

buy Harry Potter Lantern

Harry Potter Lantern

Plastic Harry Potter Lantern with Hogwarts crest

Your Harry Potter party is getting better with the minute, specially now you found this Harry Potter lantern that will lighten up your party.

The plastic lantern is battery operated and has an on / off switch. It also has a metal handle with hook so that you can hang it as part of you Harry Potter themed decorations.

On the centre of the lamp you will see the Hogwarts crest and the bottom front has an Harry Potter sticker.

But the main fun of course will be that this is a Harry Potter lantern great as part of a Harry Potter costume or as party decoration.

Have a closer look at the Harry Potter Lantern.

Thor Helmet

Thor Helmet

Thor is an awsome superhero from Marvel comics who has made a jump onto the big screen, now you can act out your favorite movie moment or your favorite comic strip with this Thor helmet. This Thor helmet looks awsome on and has some cool detail and adjustable straps to ensure that you keep youe helmet on when you are Thor The Mighty Avenger.

Order your Thor Helmet.

Thor Electronic Hammer

Thor Electronic Hammer

Thor, The Mighty Avenger!

Thor has come to the big screen with his big powerful hammer and now you can have that mighy hammer for your self. This hammer is a cool prop or an awsome roll play toy, it features thunderous sounds, flashing lights and a launching missle. Thor does not go anywhere without his hammer so grab yours and take it where ever you go.

Get your Thor Electronic Hammer.