buy Huggies One & Done Finding Dory Baby Wipes

Huggies One & Done Finding Dory Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are something you need about everywhere when you have a tiny baby and now there are Finding Dory baby wipes made by Huggies.

These Finding Dory wipes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, plus MI-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free for a gentle clean and they have a nice scent to.

A wipe like this is great for messy babies and toddlers and it is even great for cleaning a change table in a store.

Why get a boring package of baby wipes when you can have a fun with with Dory and Nemo on it?

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buy Dory Image Messenger Bag

Dory Image Messenger Bag

The fun blue fish Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is here to help tote around some of your personal items, books or even your laptop.

On the top opening flap of this messenger bag you will find an all light blue background with a large Dory image in great detail showing off her yellow fins, black markings and big eyes.

Made to be super durable this bag features a large adjustable carry strap, two side pockets and a main compartment that can hold up to a 13 inch laptop. It is also water resistant and is lightweight for easy handling.

The Dory bag is also customizable in color, choose from 20 different colors for the bottom portion and 20 colors for the interior.

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buy Finding Dory Hide And Seek T-Shirt

Finding Dory Hide And Seek T-Shirt

This Finding Dory t-shirt shows Nemo and Dory playing hide and seek.

The t-shirt is available in styles for kids, men and women in many fun colors.

On the t-shirt you can see a fish bowl and in it you can find Nemo and hiding behind a treasure chest Dory.

Luckily for Nemo they are in a fish bowl because that makes finding Dory a lot easier and even a fun.

If you like cute fish and cartoons then wearing this t-shirt with Dory and Nemo is what you want.

No need to feed the fish as they are just printed on the shirt.

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buy Finding Dory 6 inch Dory Plush

Finding Dory 6 inch Dory Plush

Now you can have a plush version of Dory the blue fish from the Finding Nemo and Finding Dory movie.

This is a mini plush of 6 inches and that makes it perfect for the little kids and also perfect for playing.

Dory is soft and cuddly and safe to use by babies and the rest of the family and she just looks so adorable.

Any one that loves cartoons and plush animals is going to love add Dory to the collection and she may look lost but she still can make friends with all your other plush toys.

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buy Finding Dory Baby Bib

Finding Dory Baby Bib

Now you child can eat and spill for while wearing this fun Dory bib from the movie Finding Dory.

The bib shows on the front the bottom of the sea with in front of it Dory and this fish really looks happy to be there as it has happy eyes and a big smile.

And Dory is wearing a tag with number 8181 and maybe that helps her not getting lost again.

The Finding Dory baby bib is great for kids 0 – 36 months and is made from 100% polyester fleece and that means it is soft and strong and ready to get food spilled on it.

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buy Finding Dory Tote Bag With Dory And Nemo

Finding Dory Tote Bag With Dory And Nemo

After Nemo got lost now it’s Dory’s time and this tote bag is a great reminder off the fun fish from the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

The tote bag comes in different sizes but all show a a blue background with see plants and in front of that Dory and her friend Nemo.

By using this bag every day you can show the world how Nemo and Dory look just in case they get lost again.

You can find Dory and Nemo on both the front and the back of this bag.

And a Pixar tote bag like this is great of school, work, shopping and just having fun.

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buy Finding Nemo Nemo And Dory Stamp

Finding Nemo Nemo And Dory Stamp

Finding Nemo Nemo And Dory Stamp

Now you can have your favorite animated Disney characters on a postage stamp made just for you.

If you love Dory and Nemo from the hit animated Disney movie Finding Nemo then have a look at this stamp.

Featured on this stamp is two of the favored characters from Finding Nemo, the orange clown fish Nemo and the forgetful angel fish Dory printed in vibrant fun colors with all the detail right from the movie.

You can get this Nemo and Dory postage stamp in a very huge selection of currencies from 34 cents up 5 dollars and 60 cents.

Add your personal touch to your mail with the Finding Nemo Nemo And Dory Stamp.

buy Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals

Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals

From the Disney animated movie Finding Nemo this is a sheet of wall decals that have many characters like Marlin, Nemo, Crush, Squirt, Dory and many more of your favorite characters.

The main feature is the two giant portholes, when they are on your wall it will look like you are surrounded by the beautiful ocean and check out the fun characters peeking in at you.

Each Finding Nemo Porthole measures approximately 17 1/2-inches wide x 16 3/4-inches tall, you easily peel and stick them anywhere and remove them with out leaving any sticky residue.

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buy Finding Nemo Party Cups

Finding Nemo Party Cups

Finding Nemo Party Cups

Everyone loved the Disney movie Finding Nemo.

Nemo gets captured by a diver and Merlin is dad sets out to find him overcoming lots of obstacles along the way. While on his quest to find Nemo he meets Dory who joined him to help bring Nemo home.

Are you planning a Finding Nemo theme party? If you are these cool  Finding Nemo cups would be a perfect choice for your party.

These Nemo party cups feature a picture of the coral reef with Dory and Nemo swimming around.

They come in a pack of eight and hold Nine ounces of your party beverages.

The kids will have lot of fun at this special party drinking from these cute Finding Nemo Party Cups.

buy Finding Nemo Dory Figurine

Finding Nemo Dory Figurine

Did you fall in love with Dory from the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo?

Dory met Merlin on his quest to find his son Nemo after he had been captured by a diver from the ocean. Nemo was bought to a dentist office and put into a fish tank as a gift for a bad little girl named Darla.

Dory may of had a short term memory but that didn’t stop her from helping Merlin find Nemo.

This fully sculpted Dory Figurine shaped just like Dory herself. She is completely covered in 1201 Swarovski crystals.
Dory will Sparkle your best memories of her from the movie Finding Nemo.

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