buy Marvel Avengers Notepad With Pen

Marvel Avengers Notepad With Pen

Going back to school was never so much fun.

This spiral notepad with pen is all based around the Avengers.

As you can see the front cover has a picture with Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Captain America and below all those superhero’s you see the Marvel Avengers logo.

With a superhero notepad like this you will be liked by anyone.

You can use this Avengers notepad for school, the office and maybe even as your personal journal.

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buy Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Stop using your boring pencils and check out these Hunger Games Pencils.

These are mechanical pencils and come in a set of two with each of them having a nice District 12 charm on them and The Hunger Games Writen on them.  The difference between the two pencis is that one has a picture on it of Peeta Mellark and the other one of Katniss Everdeen the tributes of District 12.

So now when you go to work or school and use your Hunger Games pencils you feel like a true Hunger Games fan.

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The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs, friendly little blue creatures always ready to lend a hand and help out.

This is a set of fine ball point pens that feature different Smurfs on each one, find Smurfette, Gutsy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other cool Smurf characters each with their name printed along with an image and fun colors surrounding them.

Collect all the Smurfs pens, packages come in sets of four. Show off your love for these cool little blue creatures and let them help you do some work or play.

Get your The Smurfs Ball Point Pens.

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buy Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things & Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things & Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things & Sonic Screwdriver

The Journal of impossible things, a dream diary from the hit television series Doctor Who.

You will find this journal to be absolutely fascinating and very well detailed with sketches and notes that only Doctor Who fans would love and appreciate, You will also find some blank pages, just incase you have your own dreams to put down in writing.

The Doctor Who Journal of impossible things also comes with a real pen that looks like the sonic screwdriver, features a glowing blue top.

Find your Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things & Sonic Screwdriver.

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Hannah Montana Bottle Shaped Pen

Miley Cyrus ball point pen

Need something to write with?

How about a pen with Hannah Montana on it?

This pen is bottle shaped with a nice cap and has pictures of Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) on it and even the Hannah Montana logo.

Not only a great pen for at home but how about for at school or the office?

And this pen is cheap and it even has free shipping (yes even if you buy one) so you can be all set for less then 2 dollars.

So don’t wait because a real Hannah Montana fan need to write with a Hannah Montana pen.

Time to order yous now, go get your Hannah Montana Ball Point Pen.

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buy Doctor Who Adipose Pen

Doctor Who Adipose Pen

Adipose pen

Yes this is a huge picture compare to normal but if we used a smaller one you would not really see the Adipose in the pen.

Doctor Who watchers are really gone enjoy this pen that has a Doctor Who Tardis logo on it but the main attraction of this pen is the Adipose who will float to the stars when he knows the mothership came to get it.

You can really see the Adipose fly up inside this pen.

If you like the Doctor then you are gone love this pen and probably use it everyday just because it is so special.

Doctor Who fan come and check out this Adipose Pen.

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Star Trek Pencil

Star Trek Enterprise pencil

First let me say that I am sorry about the bad quality of this picture, but the product is special and that is why i decided to post it any ways.

So this is a Star Trek Pencil. The Pencil is black and has in white Star Trek printed on it.

And on the top of this pencil you see a planet and around that planet you see the Starship Enterprise flying around.

It is hard to find a special pencil like this and that makes it a real special gift for a real Star Trek fan. Of course you can give it to yourself to add to your Star Trek collection.

Be quick because there is a limited supply of this Star Trek Enterprise Pencil.

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Bart Simpson Talking Pen

Bart Simpson talking balpoint with all his famous lines

Going back to school never was the same again.

Give you kid this pen to go back to school and soon principal skinner will beg you to take the pen back.

This Bart Simpson pen talks and has a couple of Bart’s famous lines that he will tell you over and over again.

On the Bart pen you can find the following things:

  • I do what I want when I want
  • I didn’t do it
  • My friendship, you know you want it
  • Who loves ya, baby!
  • I’ll get back to you

All fun typical Bart Simpson things to say and not only great for school but even for the office.

And a great gift to give to any Simpsons fan.

Go check out this Bart Simpson Talking Pen.

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buy Hogwarts Gryffindor House Pen

Hogwarts Gryffindor House Pen

How about a nice practical addition to your Harry Potter collection, check out this Harry Potter Hogwarts Gryffindor house pen. This pen would look great on the desk top, or in hand using it. Get this prized writing tool without having to actually win the house cup. This Hogwarts Gryffindor house pen is made of die-cast and plated in 24K gold/silver with amazing detail you will not be disappointed.

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buy Harry Potter Wand Pen and Bookmark

Harry Potter Wand Pen and Bookmark

Harry Potter Wand Pen and Bookmark

The magical world of Harry Potter will help you keep your page marked and give you a special pen to keep some notes perhaps. This Harry Potter set includes a cool looking bookmark with a powerful image of Harry holding his wand and an extremely great detailed pen that looks just like his magical wand. Add this Harry Potter bookmark and wand pen to your collection.

Find your Harry Potter Wand Pen and Bookmark.

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