buy Don’t Panic And Carry A Towel T-Shirt

Don’t Panic And Carry A Towel T-Shirt

Yes, this is what the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy says is the most important things to remember on your travels to space. But also if you are like me this Shirt can answwer alot of questions and can be useful in many situations.

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3 Doctors and 1 Mr. Shirt

Leonars, Rajesh and Sheldon all have a PHD but Howard Wolowitz just has a masters and that means that he can’t call himself Doctor.

To explain this to your friends could be tricky but this T-Shirt will help you explain the character of The Big Bang Theory.

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Forks T-Shirt

Forks, Washington is the setting for the Twilght Saga movies. This is the perfect location for the Cullen family because it is the rainiest place in the USA. So if you forgot to pick up a souvineer because you just wanted to get out of there fast we have you covered with this Forks, Washington T-shirt.

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The Big Bang Theory Anime

Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory is taking the world by storm with his comedic over analization and corrections to anybody that says anything. This shirt has one of countless witty remarks he says on the show. This shirt will get you noticed for sure.

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The Big Bang Theory – Revenge

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

I think everybody would agree with me when I say that nobody says it more technicaly sound, or as we would say, better, than Sheldon Cooper from the way too smart show The Big Bang Theory.

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