buy Frozen Wall Decals

Frozen Wall Decals

We all fell in love with the fun loving characters from the Disney family movie “Frozen”.

Are you looking to redecorate your child’s bedroom or their playroom? If so these BIG wall decals of the Frozen cast will turn your kids rooms into something magical.

The Frozen Wall Decal Set features a big decal of the beautiful ice queen Elsa wearing a pretty blue dress, her loving sister Anna wearing a purple dress with a purple cloak over her shoulders, Kristoff and his loyal reindeer friend Sven, and the funny snowman Olaf. And besides the big decals there are some smaller bonus decals to make the room look even better.

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buy The Big Bang Theory Wall Decal

The Big Bang Theory Wall Decal

The Big Bang Theory Wall Decal

Are you a fan of the number one hit comedy television show ” The Big Bang Theory ” ? If so you can hang out with the whole gang everyday with this Big Bang Theory wall decal.

Well, you will sure have a laugh every day when you see your The Big Bang Theory wall decal on your wall when you think about all your favorite funny memories from television series.

This Big Bang Theory decal features the whole gangs photos, Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj with the logo ” The Big Bang Theory ” right under their photos.

Measuring 39 inches wide x 16 1/2 inches tall. It would be perfect to peel and stick on the wall of your home or work office or on any wall you want really the options are unlimited.

You will smile when you see this The Big Bang Theory Wall Decal.

buy Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals

Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals

Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals

From the Disney animated movie Finding Nemo this is a sheet of wall decals that have many characters like Marlin, Nemo, Crush, Squirt, Dory and many more of your favorite characters.

The main feature is the two giant portholes, when they are on your wall it will look like you are surrounded by the beautiful ocean and check out the fun characters peeking in at you.

Each Finding Nemo Porthole measures approximately 17 1/2-inches wide x 16 3/4-inches tall, you easily peel and stick them anywhere and remove them with out leaving any sticky residue.

Add some underwater fun to your room with the Finding Nemo Portholes Wall Decals.

buy Frozen Olaf The Snowman Wall Decal

Frozen Olaf The Snowman Wall Decal

Frozen Wall Decal of Olaf the snowman

Olaf the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen is a caring, funny, and a good friend to Anna and Elsa.

When look at Olaf the snowman wall decal he will bring you joy and melt your heart.

He is in the exact shape of Olaf from the movie Frozen surrounded with fluffy looking snowflakes.

This special Olaf wall decal measures 22 1/2 inches tall x 9 1/2 inches wide. You just peel and apply on any smooth surface you like.

Your kids will love sharing  their room with the fun Olaf The Snowman Wall Decal. They will go to sleep and dream of having lots of fun snow days with there new friend Olaf.

Think of all your most favorite memories from the movie Frozen when you look at this Olaf The Snowman Wall Decal.

buy Batman XL Wallpaper Mural

Batman XL Wallpaper Mural

Batman XL Wallpaper mural

Do you know a Batman fan that would love to have a giant Batman poster?

OK this is even better then this. This is a 10.5 x 6 feet wall mural of Batman.

On this mural you can see Batman looking in your direction with his cape flying in the sky and in the background you can see Gotham city.

This is a Batman wallpaper mural that comes prepasted panels that can be removed but not reused or repositioned.

But now that kids bedroom or the entertainment room can become Batman world.

You just have to see this so come have a better look at this Batman Wallpaper Mural.

buy Catwoman Classic Life Size Decal

Catwoman Classic Life Size Decal

Are you a classic DC Comics collector, and love Catwoman ?  If so you may want to check out this.

A life size wall decal of Catwoman, find Catwoman in her long dress superhero outfit and a big green cape to go along with it, also the sharp dagger like claw nails and of course the Catwoman mask is unmistakeable.

The Catwoman wall decal measures 5’5″ W x 4’6″ H and has other cool Catwoman wall decals included in this package, one smaller Catwoman in action over top the city scape, two small pink decals that say ” CATWOMAN ” and two different Fathead logos.

Don’t worry too much about placement either, this classic Catwan life size wall decal is easy to move without leaving any sticky residue and will stick to any smooth surface.

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The Lorax Guide To Green Decal Kit

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Guide To Green Decal Kit

From the awsome and unique  illustrations of Dr. Seuss The Lorax is here to give you a lasting message about the environment.

This is a decal set that includes many quotes from the Dr. Seuss classic story book The Lorax Guide to Green, you wil find the Lorax hanging off some Truffula trees each different colors and each with a different quote like “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!” and “Do Not Litter” aswell as many many more.

The deacls measure from 2 inches to 14 inches in height and includes 10 different colorful and vibrant die cut decals which are printed on both sides, perfect for windows.

Get your Dr. Seuss The Lorax Guide to Green Decal Kit.

buy Snoopy Wall Decal

Snoopy Wall Decal

We all know that Snoopy is probably one of the laziest dogs around.

And now Snoopy can hang around your home.

This decal is designed so that you can stick it above something like a lightswitch so that it looks like he is sleeping on top of it.

A true Peanuts fan want these above all it’s sockets and switches.

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buy Tangled Wall Decals

Tangled Wall Decals

Tangled Wall Decals

Disney’s Tangled a magical and amazing animated movie featuring the Disney Princess Rapunzel.

This is a beautiful set of Tangled wall decals that features Princess Rapunzel and her Prince charming Flynn along with Pascal the chameleon and lots of other great things from the movie like Rapunzels tower and much much more.

With so much great detail you will find these Tangled wall decals very useful aswell, leaving no sticky residue behind and are repositionable.

Get your Disney’s Tangled Wall Decals.

buy Marvel Comic Book Covers Mural

Marvel Comic Book Covers Mural

Marvel Comic Book Covers XL Wallpaper Mural 6' x 10.5'

WOW!!! If you love Marvel comic books then this is a must have.

A wallpaper mural that features 65 of the most relished Marvel comic book covers, you will find cool covers of already published Marvel comics like Hulk, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America just to name a few.

Surround yourself in what you love with this huge Marvel comic book covers wallpaper mural that measures 6 feet x 10.5 feet, it is very easy to install you just dip each section in warm water and apply to wall.

Get your Marvel Comic Book Covers Wallpaper Mural.