Chuck on DVD and Blu-ray

We all like Chuck and who doesn’t want to know what happens to him and for that reason I have listed link to good priced DVD’s and Blu-Ray versions of the Chuck sets.

Season 1: DVDor Blu-ray

Season 2: DVD or Blu-ray

Season 3: DVDor Blu-ray

Season 4: not available yet!

I hope you gift shopping became a little bit easier with this lists of all the Chuck episodes available for sale.

House The Official Guide

This book “House, M.D.: The Official Guide to the Hit Medical Drama” will give you all the show information you want to have after 6 seasons of House.

It is a great source of information from the pilot and casting to almost anything you can think about. And to make it even better Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) wrote the foreword and that has to mean that the book is great.

Check out House, M.D.: The Official Guide to the Hit Medical Drama.

And if you care for the environment there is even an Kindle version.

buy Oceanic Airlines Hoodie

Oceanic Airlines Hoodie

Oceanic Airlines is maybe not the most reliable airline you can fly with but still they are so famous because they where on TV on that series called Lost.

And because they are so famous you just want to have some clothing to show the world that you know them to.

So stop looking for great clothing and just order this Oceanic Airlines Hoodie.

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iCarly Travel Mug

Stop getting your coffee and tea in those paper cups. You as iCarly fan knows better and you should show the world how nice it is to have your own travel mug.

And specially this iCarly mug is great because it has the picture on both sides and it is white and it even has Sam on it.

So what else is stoping you from getting this beautiful iCarly Tavel Mug?