iCarly Lunch Bag

Lunch time comes back everyday and when in school you want the best for your kids. With this iCarly lunch bag your kids food is save.

This set made by Thermos gives you a easy to clean and use storage for you kids lunch. It is PVC free so less tocsins to hurt you.

But for the kids it of course it is all about iCarly and Sam and they are both on there so they will be so happy.

Check out this iCarly Lunch Box by Thermos.

Free Elka Mousepad

The TV sitcom Hot in Cleveland is very fun and why not bring the fun to your work or you desk at home?

Now you can own a Hot in Cleveland Mousepad with a mug shot of Elka. This great quality mousepad will last you as longer then the TV Series Hot in Cleveland is gone last, yes that good is it.

Go check out this Free Elka Mousepad from Hot in Cleveland.

Lost: The Complete Collection

Television doesn’t get any better than this.

So yo are a big Lost fan, or a huge Lost fan, either way you need to get this amazing loaded box set. Lost: The Complete Collection, featuring every episode of all six seasons and includes one full disc of never-before-seen bonus with over two hours of content exclusive to the complete collection. This set also includes:

• Special edition collectible Senet game as seen in Season 6
• Custom LOST island replica
• Exclusive episode guide
• Collectible ankh
• Black light

Find your Lost: The Complete Collection.

Hannah Montana T-Shirt

With the last season of Hannah Montana you need something to wear and show the world that yes you are a Hannah fan.

This T-Shirt has a nice drawing of Hannah and Hannah Montana printed on it. And if that was everything then that would be fine but no there is more. You can if you want print something under the Hannah Montana writing. Maybe your name or something else you like.

Check out this and other Hannah Montana T-Shirts.

iCarly And Sam Binder

I guess you need a new binder for school and if you don’t then still telling your parents you need one could be a smart idea.

This iCarly binder is great for all your school work. It is not just a binder with Sam and iCarly on it, this binder offers you to print your own message on it. On the picture it says “THLOG is great” on the spine and that is where you can print something, maybe the name of you class or maybe just your name.

Go have a look at this super personal iCarly And Sam Binder.

buy Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

If you kid is all in to Thomas and friends then this could be the best Halloween costume you ever got.

This costume is not really made for 1 size so if you kids still loves Thomas next year and who wouldn’t then maybe he wants to be Thomas again next Halloween and with this costume that is possible. Beside the costume it also comes with the hat so you are ready for Halloween and if you are not careful you kids will be wearing the hat the rest of the year to.

Check out this Thomas the Tank Engine Costume.

buy Lost Figurine Sun

Lost Figurine Sun

Are you a Lost collector?

Here is a stunning figurine of Sun, taking in the sun. With this item you also get a full size replica of Sun’s boarding pass for Oceanic flight 815. This exact reproduction of the Oceanic boarding pass sleeve is available for the first time exclusively from McFarlane Toys! Also this figurine has awsome sayings from Sun like,  “Have you never lied to a man you’ve loved?” “I was going to leave you….. I was going to get away,” – “My wedding ring … it’s gone!” – Spoken in Korean: “I’m not saying you should go alone. I’m coming with you.”

Find your Lost Figurine of Sun.