The Life And Death Brigade Sticker

Remember the episode when Rory  Gilmore had to jump of that tower with and umbrella?

Yes The Life And Death Brigade does some crazy things and now you can own this sticker. This Sticker is made of great quality so you can put it on your car or on what ever a sticker will stick on.

Check out this The Life And Death Brigade Sticker.

I’m Not Insane Magnet

This magnet has one of those quotes you can’t get out of your head after you have seen The Big Bang Theory.

Yes the quote is “I’m Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested” and now you can have it on a magnet witches is great for a fridge, locker or anything else metal.  This magnet makes it great as a gift for the real Big Bang Theory fan.

Go have a much better look at this I’m Not Insane Magnet.

iCarly Christmas Stocking

Santa needs to be able to find you stocking to put some presents in. Hmm how do we make Santa find you stocking this year. Oh I think I know how we just get you a stocking that makes it clear to Santa that it is yours.

And you the iCarly fan in your family would of course have an iCarly stocking. I am sure this is gone be a great Christmas.

Go look at this iCarly Christmas Stocking.