buy Captain Kirk Mug

Captain Kirk Mug

Star Trek fans can now drink their coffee from this Captain Kirk Mug.

This Star Trek mug is black on the inside and also has a black handle and the rest looks like the shirt Captain Kirk is wearing complete with his hands and arms in it and he is holding a phaser.

This is a cool Star Trek mug that true fans of the original series will like and the mug is 14 oz and as it is so nice you have to take care of it so only handwash and do not put it in the microwave.

Besides for drinks, this mug will look great on your desk holding nick nacks like pens.

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buy Star Trek Plush Captain Kirk Lion

Star Trek Plush Captain Kirk Lion

If you like Star Trek and plush animals then you are in luck as this plush lion is Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

The plush animal is made by Gund and is soft, cuddly and great for young (ages 1+) and old.

The Star Trek plush is officially licensed and looks like a lion wearing a nice yellow Star Trek uniform complete with stripes on his sleeves and a communicator badge.

The Captain Kirk plush is 13.5 inch tall and just adorable and cute.

Star Trek collectors young and old will enjoy this plush and it is made by Gund witch of course means it is great quality as well.

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buy Star Trek Captain Kirk Golf Club Head Cover

Star Trek Captain Kirk Golf Club Head Cover

Now you can go play a round of golf with Captain Kirk at your side as this is a Captain Kirk golf club head cover.

Star Trek fans that golf are going to love having one of these head protectors as it is just perfect.

The golf club head cover looks exactly like Captain James T. Kirk and even has a special look on his face that shows you that he trust you golf game.

You can fit Captain Kirk on club up to a 460cc driver and besides protecting your club from damage it also makes it easier to spot the right golf club.

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buy Captain Kirk Can Koozie

Captain Kirk Can Koozie

Now you can of beer or pop can look like Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

This 3d can koozie fits a normal can perfectly and makes it look like Star Trek.

The koozie will keep your drink cool and you hands warm and now it makes every can look amazing.

As you can see the koozie shows the yellow shirt of Captain Kirk with the insignia on it and he is holding his phaser in his hand just in case it becomes a rowdy party.

Just owning this amazing koozie is a must for any real Star Trek fan out there.

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buy Star Trek Captains Personal Checks

Star Trek Captains Personal Checks

Are you running out of personal checks and are you a Star Trek fan?

If you are then you should take a look at this Star Trek captains personal checks set.

The set has 4 different captains in them you can find checks with Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko and Captain Janeway. So now you can write people checks with your favorite Star Trek captains on them.

And each box of banking checks has at least 100 checks and that means 4 of each Star Trek captain.

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buy Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Now you can celebrate two iconic groups from the 1960’s with one fabulous t-shirt.

This blue t-shirt features the images of four Star Trek characters, Kirk in his yellow shirt, Spock in his blue shirt, Scotty in his red shirt and Bones in his blue shirt, walking across a road at a crosswalk.

They are recreating the famous album cover Abbey Roads that shows the four Beatles, John, Ringo, Paul and George walking across a similar “zebra” crosswalk.

This t-shirt has short sleeves, a crew neck, is 100% cotton and comes in sizes Small – 2XL.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit nostalgic when you wear this Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt.

buy Star Trek Captain James T Kirk Throw Pillow

Star Trek Captain James T Kirk Throw Pillow

Star Trek Captain James T Kirk Throw Pillow

If you are a big Star Trek fan then you are a true Trekkie that will not want to miss out on a unique piece of Star Trek merchandise.

On this throw pillow find a very fun animated square version of Captain James T Kirk from the sci-fi series Star Trek, a large face takes up half of the pillow and the other half is his gold colored shirt with the starfleet logo.

This throw pillow is available in three sizes 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches, you get this image of Captain Kirk on both sides, it has a concealed zipper so it does not get caught and you can also get this in just the pillow case.

Get comfy with the Star Trek Captain James T Kirk Throw Pillow.

buy Star Trek Captains T-Shirt

Star Trek Captains T-Shirt

Star Trek Captains T-shirt

You can stun your friends when you wear this eye-catching Star Trek Captains t-shirt.

The full color t-shirt has the pictures of five Star Trek captains, Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway as well as their names and commands printed vertically below them.

The image on this t-shirt is a dye sublimated print which means it will not fade or wash off. The back, sleeves and neck ringer are black.

This officially licenced Star Trek t-shirt comes in men’s sizes S, M, L, XXL and has an athletic fit giving this t-shirt the perfect feel and look for you to be a captain.

So don’t resist any longer, get this Star Trek Captains T-Shirt.

Star Trek Playing Cards In Colectors Tin

Star Trek Playing Cards set in colectors tin

Time for poker night?

If so stop using those boring playing cards and replace them with something special.

How about these Star Trek playing cards?

These cards come in a special storage tin that says “Beam Me Up” and has Captain Kirk on it to.

So now you card games will be so much better as everyone wants to join in to see those amazing Star Trek playing cards.

Get ready to play cards with you own Star Trek Playing Card Set In Collectors Tin.

buy Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Clock

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Clock

The U.S.S. Enterprise a famous ship from a famous television series Star Trek is ready to park on your tabletop.

This is an officially approved replica sculpture of the U.S.S. Enterprise – NCC-1701 sitting on top of a galactic trail of crystalline, featuring an amazing clock set on the official Starfleet Delta symbol. The face of the clock has a very well detailed image of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy in bright vibrant colors.

This Star Trekk U.S.S. Enterprise is set on a mahogany-finished display base and will be a perfect new addition to your Trekkie collection.

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