Vintage Smurfette T-Shirt

A Pink Smurfette T-Shirt for the real Smurf fan

Smurfette is of course the Smurf that gets lots of attention. It could be because she seems to be the only female Smurf.

Now you can get yourself a pink Smurfette t-shirt that has a vintage look to it. And when you wear this shirt the world will look at your differently.

So wait no longer and order your Pink Smurfette T-Shirt.

Personal Piglet T-Shirt

Personalize your own Piglet T-shirt

You can give your kids a personal Piglet T-shirt. You see the text THLOG.COM on the picture that is where your text can be. I am sure your grandkids, nieces or kids would love a shirt specially made for them.

And Piglet would love to be on the shirt to. OK Winnie wanted to be there first but Piglet convinced him that it would be better with a pig on it.

Go order you Personal Piglet T-Shirt.

Where Is The Coffee

Give Sheldon Coffee and he gets crazzy. zoom zoom where is the coffee.

Doctor Sheldon Cooper doesn’t drink coffee and there is a good reason for that. If you give Sheldon coffee he goes crazy.

And what happens if Sheldon gets coffee you can read on this T-Shirt and it is just like in that one episode that Sheldon drank coffee in.

Go get your own personal Zoom Zoom Where Is The Coffee T-Shirt.