buy My Little Pony Cookie Jar

My Little Pony Cookie Jar

If you are or know a My Little Pony fan that loves cookies then this is the cookie jar to get.

This round cookie jar looks like a carousel but instead of horses there are ponies and yes of course these are My Little Pony characters.

A wide mouth cookie jar like this is just what every home needs and as it is a My Little Pony cookie jar I am sure that it will get lots of attention in your home.

The ceramic cookie jar has amazing details and even the My Little Pony logo on the handle on top.

Come and check out this merry go round cookie jar as it will be loved by anyone who loves cookies even if they would not like My Little Pony.

Get your My Little Pony Cookie Jar

buy Star Wars C-3PO Cookie Jar

Star Wars C-3PO Cookie Jar

Cookie jars are great for keeping those cookie fresh and out of sight and if you like Star Wars then you may like this C-3PO cookie jar that looks just like the famous gold colored droid.

The ceramic cookie jar is 9 inch tall and looks like the head of C-3PO and don’t worry it’s not his real head it’s just something that looks a lot like it and there are no electronics inside either just room for your favorite cookies.

A Star Wars cookie jar is something any one wants and this one can last a long time and maybe be passed on to your children but only if they like Star Wars of course.

Get your Star Wars C-3PO Cookie Jar

buy Darth Vader Breathing Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Breathing Cookie Jar

If you like cookies then you of course need a cookie jar and this Darth Vader cookie jar is the perfect jar for your cookies.

The Star Wars cookie jar is shaped like the head of Darth Vader and when you lift the top you can hear him breath. I guess Darth Vader does not like it when you eat his cookies.

The Darth Vader cookie jar is 9 x 9 x 9 inch and is made from durable plastic with a liner that you can take out for easy cleaning of the crumbs left behind of those yummy cookies.

Darth Vader may not be perfect but at least he has cookies.

Get your Darth Vader Breathing Cookie Jar

buy Governor’s Floating Heads Cookie Jar

Governor’s Floating Heads Cookie Jar

Governor's Floating Heads Cookie Jar from The Walking Dead

If you have been watching The Walking Dead for a while now then you know all about those aquariums full of floating heads that the Governor had.

Now there is a metal cookie jar that shows those floating heads. So if you want to stay away from those cookies then maybe this Walking Dead cookie jar is the way to go.

The whole side of the round cookie tin is covered with this scary looking faces and on the top there you find a handle and the logo of AMC The Walking Dead.

The cookie jar is about 8.5 x 6 inch and is an officially licensed product.

If eating cookies is a passion you want to give up on then maybe you should come get your own The Walking Dead Governor’s Floating Heads Cookie Jar.

buy Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Cookie Jar

Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Cookie Jar

Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Cookie Jar

“Keep it secret. Keep it safe.”

Do you need to hide some cookies? Hide them from yourself or from others?

You can keep the cookies in this awesome cookie jar shaped like Gandalf the Grey from the hit movie The Lord of the Rings. This 11.25” tall cookie jar is made of high quality ceramic and painted in full color. The leader of Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West is seen in his grey clothes and hat, grey beard with the hilt of his sword his brown staff. The name of the movie “The Lord of the Rings” is printed on the front of the base.

This officially licenced Gandalf the Grey cookie jar is an amazing decorative piece to add to your collection.

Take a closer look at this Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Cookie Jar.

buy Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Cookie Jar

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Cookie Jar

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Cookie Jar

Cookies need to find a fast way to travel to your mouth and now there is this special cookie jar that can help with that.

This cookie jar is shaped like the space ship of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. And that space ship goes no where without Buzz so he is standing in front of it protecting the cookies inside.

This cookie jar is made by Westland Giftware and that means you get a quality cookie jar that can survive generations of cookie eaters.

Just imagine having this 10″ tall ceramic cookie jar in your kitchen, it would be so hard to keep your hands off.

Any time is cookie time so come get a cookie from this Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Cookie Jar.

buy Wonder Woman Cookie Jar

Wonder Woman Cookie Jar

Did you know that Wonder Woman is a warrior princess that fights for justice, love, peace and equality between men and women.

If you love protecting your cookies this Wonder Woman cookie jar will be perfect for you. Wonder Woman is the one for the job.

This unique ceramic cookie jar is shaped as the beautiful amazon princess Wonder Woman from the waist up in her classic costume.

It is 11 1/2 inches tall in size. Perfect size to fill with all your favorite cookies and sit on your kitchen counter.

Let Wonder Woman fight your cookie thief’s and protect your cookies.

Get your Wonder Woman Cookie Jar

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buy Kermit Cookie Jar

Kermit Cookie Jar

The Muppets cookie jar of Kermit the Frog

Kermit has been a part of peoples lives for a very long time. The early version of Kermit stared on TV in 1955 on Sam and Friends. Then he continued on over the years staring on a lot of shows. He became a real frog in 1971 in The Frog Prince.

Kermit had became most famous on the show Sesame Street and then even more famous in The Muppets show.

If you love Kermit the Frog and cookies. He will protect your cookies inside this Kermit shaped cookie jar.
This cookie jar is in the shape of Kermit in a sigh pose. It is also 10 1/4 inches tall in size. Lots of room for you most favorite cookies.

Grab you cookies out of this fun Kermit The Frog Cookie Jar.

buy Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

We all love cookies but do you dare eating them out of a cookie jar that looks like a monster?

OK the cookie jar looks like Sulley from Monsters Inc. so yes I would dare to take a cookie.

The cookie Jar is shaped like Sulley with his fun color and purple spots and on his back you can see Boo and she is actually the handle of the lid of the cookie jar.

This is a ceramic cookie jar made by Westland Giftware witch is known for their amazing cookie jars.

If you are looking for the perfect cookie jar then you have to check out this Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar.

buy Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Game of Thrones Dragon egg cookie jar

Remember the dragon eggs from Game of Thrones?

Now you can have your own dragon egg but it’s not really an egg that hold dragons it holds cookies and if I had to choose then cookies I would prefer above dragons.

This cookie jar is modelled after the dragon egg of the TV series and is made from hand painted ceramic.

The dragon egg cookie jar is about 9 1/4″ tall and 6″ wide and that leave plenty of room for cookies.

And besides cookie can you just imagine how this dragon egg will look on your bookshelf?

Time to feed some hungry dragon with cookies out of this Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar.