buy Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

If your dad likes Bob’s Burgers and he is awesome then surprise him with this Bob’s Burgers #1 dad mug.

The white ceramic mug is 11 oz in capacity and would make for a great father’s day present.

On the mug you can see Bob Belcher standing next to the text “#1 Dad” and the text is in fun colors that do remind me of the scarf of the 4th Doctor Who.

To get a better view of the print just click on the picture that way you can see Bob and the text much better.

A special dad like yours deserves a special mug and this is the perfect mug if you dad really likes to watch Bob’s Burgers.

Get your Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

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buy Batman Dad Logo T-Shirt

Batman Dad Logo T-Shirt

If your dad is like a superhero to you and if he likes Batman then get him this amazing t-shirt.

On the t-shirt, you can see the Batman symbol but it also spells “DAD” on it and that makes it really special.

You can this Batman dad t-shirt in many fun colors and in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

Surprise your dad with a t-shirt that will make him feel really special because he is seen as important as Batman thanks to this special logo on the front.

Get your Batman Dad Logo T-Shirt

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buy Father & Son Mousepad

Father & Son Mousepad

Finding Nemo Father & Son Mousepad

This mousepad shows Marlin and his son Nemo and the text “Father & Son”.

Any one who knows the movie “Finding Nemo” will remember this scene just before Nemo got lost.

Now you can see this scene everytime you work at your computer.

Of course this mousepad make a perfect gift for dad to maybe for his birthday, father’s day or another holiday.

This Finding Nemo mousepad has a non slip back so it does not move while you are using it.

Come have a closer look at this Finding Nemo Father & Son Mousepad.

Super Dad Superman Mug

Super Dad mug from Superman

Is your dad a Super Dad?

Of course he is and maybe this is the time to tell him how you think about him.

This mug shows a round logo with the words Super Dad and a globe in the background and the Superman logo.
Maybe your dad can’t fly around the world like Superman but he is still pretty amazing.

Make him enjoy his coffee in this special mug he and the world can see the message as it is printed on both sides of the mug.
And to make it even more super this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

There is always a moment to thank your dad, maybe a birthday or Father’s day or just tomorrow.

Don’t hesitate to tell your dad that he is super, go get him this Super Dad Superman Mug. 

Darth Vader Greatest Dad Poster

Farther's Day poster with Darth Vader from Star Wars

Is you dad a Star Wars fan?

If so then this could be the gift for him this father’s day.

This poster (comes in different sizes) shows Darth Vader and the words “World’s greatest dad”

All in black in white but with great detail.

Go give you dad a gift he loves go get him this Darth Vader Greatest Dad Poster.