buy Daryl Dixon Figurine #6 Color Tops

Daryl Dixon Figurine #6 Color Tops

Now you can have a Daryl Dixon figurine and yes Daryl did bring his crossbow.

The figurine of Daryl is part of The Walking Dead figurine series made by McFarlane Toys in their Color Tops series.

Daryl is 7 inches tall and comes with his own stand that has The Walking Dead logo on it and also a head of a walker. Besides his crossbow, Daryl also has a big knife so watch out he may think you are a giant walker.

Adding this figurine to your The Walking Dead collection is a must because Daryl looks so life like and real.

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buy Iron Throne Room Construction Set

Iron Throne Room Construction Set

Now any Game of Thrones fan can have their own Iron Throne Room with King Joffrey on the throne.

This is a construction set made by McFarlane Toys and it will give you the opportunity to build the throne room complete with the Iron Throne, Joffrey Baratheon and a kings guard figure.

The Game of Thrones construction set is made up of 314 pieces and those pieces are compatible with many other construction sets from different brands.

As a Game of Thrones collector you of course would like to own you own throne room even if it’s just as a nice display piece.

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buy Carl Grimes Action Figure

Carl Grimes Action Figure

Carl Grimes Action Figure from the Walking dead

There we have Carl Grimes the son of Rick and this time Carl is an action figure made by McFarlane Toys.

The action figure is made from a 3D scan of the actor who plays Carl Grimes and is based on season 4.

This The Walking Dead figure has all the details we expect including the sherifs hat he got from his dad.
And Carl also caries the key of the jail, knife and the prisons medical bag.

The Carl action figure is about 5″ tall and has 22 points of articulation.

If you want to start a small Walkers killing army then why not start with this The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Action Figure.

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buy Kate Austen Action Figure

Kate Austen Action Figure

lost Kate Austen Action Figure

The Lost TV series maybe long over but still there are some great items you can lay your hands on.

This McFarlane figure of Kate Austen is one of those items that should not be missing in a Lost collection.

The figure of Kate is standing on a base surrounded by bamboo and other branches just like we all have seen on TV.
Besides that there is also a backdrop to make it all feel more real.

Kate is about 6 1/2 inches tall and the setting she is in is about 8 inch tall.

An item as this will be more difficult to find everyday that you wait and they are no longer made so don’t wait.

Come and check out a closer look at this Lost Kate Austen Action Figure.

buy Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set

Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set

Jaws has many scary scenes, but this might be one of the most intense.

This is a complete figure box set of the movie scene where Jaws projects himself up onto the boat almost tipping it completely….Yah I think you need a bigger boat.

A Mcfarlane toys product with each piece very well detailed and high quality you can re-enact this cool scene, captain Quint even comes in 2 gory pieces so you can place half of him in the sharks mouth.

Most definitely a collectors must have, some say a collectors dream.

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buy Lost Figurine Sun

Lost Figurine Sun

Are you a Lost collector?

Here is a stunning figurine of Sun, taking in the sun. With this item you also get a full size replica of Sun’s boarding pass for Oceanic flight 815. This exact reproduction of the Oceanic boarding pass sleeve is available for the first time exclusively from McFarlane Toys! Also this figurine has awsome sayings from Sun like,  “Have you never lied to a man you’ve loved?” “I was going to leave you….. I was going to get away,” – “My wedding ring … it’s gone!” – Spoken in Korean: “I’m not saying you should go alone. I’m coming with you.”

Find your Lost Figurine of Sun.

buy McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure

McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure


Lost is ending soon and with that in mind maybe now is the time to finish your collection of Lost memorabilia.

And this action figure of Sawyer based on season 1 episode 20 is a great addition to the Lost collection.

Sawyer is 6″ and includes a full-scale replica of SAWYER’S LETTER.

Get a closer look at the Official McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure Series 2 and get it today.

buy The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

Homer getting fead donuts by the devil

McFarlane is great in making toys from hit TV series and now they did a great job with this figure of the Ironic Punishment.

Remember when Home sold his soul to the Devil? right so now you can See Homer Simpson eat donuts lots and lots of donuts. You can actually feed them to him. This set comes with 200 donuts just like in the episode “The Devil and Homer Simpson” from Treehouse of Horror IV.

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