buy Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

If cupcakes are the party cake of choice and the the theme is Sofia the First then some fun cupcake rings would be perfect to decorate.

These Sofia The First cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and  shows Sofia, Clover and Mia and the rings come in pink and purple colors to make them even more princess like.

Besides being great for cupcakes these Sofia The First cupcake rings are also great as party favor or to decorate a big cake.

A Sofia The First birthday party would become so much better if you use these fun cake decorations.

You should take a closer look at these Sofia The First Cupcake Rings.

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buy Finding Nemo Loot Bags

Finding Nemo Loot Bags

Finding Nemo Party favor bags

Every birthday party needs loot bags for the kids.

If your party is a Finding Nemo themed party these special loot bags would great to fill with treats to send the kids home with.

On these treat bags features the cute clownfish Nemo with is friend Squirt having fun in the beautiful ocean.

These Finding Nemo loot bag comes in a pack of 8. Ready to be filled with kids favorite Nemo toys and treats to take home when they leave the party.

All the kids will have fun adventures with Nemo and Squirt at the party.

Put smiles on all the kids faces after they receive their special treats in they’re Finding Nemo Loot Bag.

buy Curious George Party Favor Bags

Curious George Party Favor Bags

Curious George Party Favor Bags

A Curious George party of course needs some fun party favors and those need a place to be stored in.

How about Curious George treat bags?

These bags comes in a pack of 8 and all have a picture of Curious George and fun balloons on it. Party favors loves to be in this bag and kids are gone love taking them home.

No plain paper bags for your party as now you found the perfect treat bag with the fun monkey Curious George on it.

Lets get this party started and when it’s all over all the kids can enjoy they favors found in this Curious George Treat Bag.

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buy The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

Lets decorate some cupcakes for your Smurf birthday party.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and are shaped like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and a normal Smurf.
Just imagine them in a cupcake they will look so cute.

And you can use them as party favors too. Or just get some plain colored napkins and use them as napkin rings that will look super cute too.

You Smurf party will be so much more fun thanks to these cupcake rings.

Enjoy planning your  Smurf party and you kid will enjoy all your hard work.

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buy Spider-Man Personal Zipper Pull

Spider-Man Personal Zipper Pull

Spider-Man Personal Zipper Pull

Kids love Spider-Man and are likely to loose things.

Now you can mark you kids belongings with their name but in a cool way.
This Spider-Man zipper pull has your kids name on it and that makes it perfect for on a jacket, backpack, lunch bag and or as key chain with they home keys.

The Spider-Man zipper pull has a 1″ diameter and can hold up to 12 characters.

Not only is the zipper pull cool for your kid it also makes a great party favor for the Spider-Man birthday party as now all the kids can have one with their name on it.

Dress up those zippers with this cool Spider-Man Personal Zipper Pull.

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buy Frozen Stickers

Frozen Stickers

Kids and adults love the new Disney characters from the Frozen movie.

And now there are stickers based on Frozen.

There are 4 sheets of 8 stickers each in a pack and on the stickers you can find Elsa, Anna, Sven and of course Snowman Olaf.

All the characters are posing in front of a flowery background making them extra fun when you use these stickers to decorate things.

You can also get these stickers as party favors for when you have a Frozen birthday party.

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buy Yoda Personal Zipper Pull

Yoda Personal Zipper Pull

Star Wars Yoda Zipper Pull

Does your Star Wars loving kid loose anything that doesn’t have it’s name on it?

If so then you are in luck as there are now Star Wars zipper pulls with the name printed on it.

These pulls are round and have a diameter of 1″ and show Yoda holding up a sign and on that sign it will have your kids name.

Now you can hang one on their jacket, backpack, lunch bag or even their keys.

These Yoda zipper pulls are fun and they cost less then a dollar and that makes them also great as party favor for the Star Wars party your are planning.

Personalize your belongings with these Star Wars Yoda Zipper Pulls.

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buy Lightning McQueen Zipper Pull

Lightning McQueen Zipper Pull

Cars Lightning McQueen Zipper Pull

Do you know kids that like the cars movies?

If so then they are gone love this zipper pull.

This is a 1″ round disk and on this disk you can see Lightning McQueen and below that a name.
And that is because these zipper pulls are personalized with a kids name (if you want) and that all for less then 1 dollar.

These Cars zipper pulls are ideal as party favors and are so handy to put on jackets, backpack, lunch bags and more. Now people know who the items is from because it has your name on it.

Add some Cars fun to your zippers with this Cars Lightning McQueen Zipper Pull.

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buy Captain America Zipper Pull

Captain America Zipper Pull

Captain America Zipper Pull

Looking for an easy way to mark things like jackets, backpack, sport bags, lunch bags and more?

How about a zipper pull. This zipper pull is based on Captain America as it shows his famous shield and above that it will have your name or the name you want printed there.

So you will get a personalized zipper pull and that for less then a dollar.
And that price makes them great as party favors to for you Captain America or Avengers party.

The Captain America zipper pull has a diameter of 1″ and can hold up to 12 character of text.

Start planning a party or back to school with these Marvel Captain America Zipper Pull.

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buy Minion Zipper Pull

Minion Zipper Pull

Despicable me Minion Zipper Pull

Does you kids like the Minions from Despicable Me as much as I do?

If they do then they are gone love this zipper pull.

This zipper pull shows a Minion holding up a little sign and on that sign it will have the name of the kid.

These Despicable Me zipper pulls cost less then a dollar and can have any name on it so not just the popular names.

Now you can have a fun zipper pull for you kids jacket, backpack or maybe as key chain with the keys.

And for the low price they make a great party favor.

Put one on all you jackets so come and order your Despicable Me Minions Zipper Pull.

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