Bellas Wolf and Heart Bracelet

wolf and heart bracelet

Female Twilight fans of course want this Wolf and Heart Bracelet just like Bella has. This bracelet is a replica of what Bella wears in the Eclipse movie and that is of course darn cool. This Charm Bracelet has two charms one of a heart and one of a wolf.

The picture in this post is not great so go see how Bella’s Heart and Wolf braceletreally looks like.

buy Star Trek Pins

Star Trek Pins

Who likes Star Trek and likes to dress up like they did in the Star Trek Movies know how important the insignia are and now we have a found a nice set of Star Trek Insignia.

These Star Trek Pins are made of  metal and come in 4 versions being:

  • Command
  • Sciences
  • Medical
  • Security / Engineering

So you know what pin you need then go check this out.

Read More About The Star Trek Pins

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The Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack

eclipse soundtrack

The Twilight Saga is something we all are following and now the Eclipse movie is making us enjoying it even more. But after you done watching you need to have something to keep those memories alive. And you can do that with the Eclipse soundtrack that way you can listen to the music from the movie when you ride the subway or read the book.

Go see all the tracks of the The Twilight Saga, Eclipse Soundtrack.

Don’t Panic Towel


Today is May 25th and that means international towel day!

Of course that doesn’t mean to you to much if you never heard of  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but if you did you probably already carry around a towel because you never know when a spaceship is gone pick you up.

And OK maybe you can’t get this cool towel today on towel day but just get one for next year because this 27 x 52″ towel say Don’t Panic on it and you know that this could come in handy sometimes.

Have no second thoughts about this just go order your Don’t Panic Towel.

Twilight in Forks DVD

a dvd about the real town of forks

The town of Forks is now famous thanks to the Twilight books and movies. But what is the town like and what happened after twilight?

On this DVD “Twilight in Forks the saga of the real town” you see more about the town and the people and the madness that begun after the first Twilight book was released.

This DVD is a must have for the real Twilight fan so if you are go order the Twilight in Forks saga of the Real Town DVD

And maybe after watching even you want to go check Forks, Washington out for yourself.

Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Who doesn’t want to be like Iron Man?

Right everybody wants to be just like him and now you can own your own personal Arc that fits on all your shirts. Just clip it in the center of your favorite shirt and the magnet will keep it in place.

And the battle sounds and lights will make you so popular that you wished you got this years ago.

Check out the Iron Man Arc Chest Light

buy X-Wing Fighter Model

X-Wing Fighter Model

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Model

This is a real must have item for the real Star Wars fan. This is a model of an X-Wing fighter. The model as you can expect comes in pieces that you need to put together yourself but no worries you do not have to paint the X-Wing or glue it just build it and you are ready to go.

It even comes with R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker. Yes this is a must have item.

Go read more about this Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Model