buy Huggy Holidays Bodysuit

Huggy Holidays Bodysuit

A babies first Christmas is special. Not that the little one will remember much of it but still for the parents it is special so why not make it even more special with some special Christmas clothing.

This “Huggy Holidays” bodysuit shows Garfield the cat and Odie the dog in a nice hug all with Christmas presents around.

Make this a first Christmas to remember with this Garfield Huggy Holidays Bodysuit.

buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Here is Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid and wow she looks stunning today.

This is a very special Christmas ornament of Ariel. It is made of Lenox china and is hand painted and has 24 karat gold accents. So maybe not suited for the little once but it would look so nice in your Christmas tree this year.

Have a much closer look at this Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament.

buy Holiday Tunnel

Holiday Tunnel

Thomas the Tank Engine is of course ready for Christmas. In this set you will find a special Christmas version of Thomas and yes he wears a Santa hat and you will find a holiday tunnel where Thomas and his friends love to drive through.

Get ready to make child happy this Christmas or make sure Santa knows about this.

Read More About The Holiday Tunnel

Scooby-Doo Christmas Night Light

Christmas is the time of year that is dark and we like to decorate and put nice lights up to make it so nice and now Scooby wants to help you.

Now you can have a Christmas night light with Scooby-Doo sitting on top. That is so cute that you want him sitting there all year round.

Go check this Scooby-Doo Christmas Night Light.

buy Garfield Peace on Earth Bag

Garfield Peace on Earth Bag

Till now until Christmas lots of us will be shopping and shopping and then maybe shop some more.

And when loads of people are crowding the stores not everybody is nice anymore. But you can help us change that this year by getting this Garfield peace on earth tote bag. Just between now and Christmas use this bag for all your shopping and people will see the picture and think twice. And on the other plus side, you will save the environment too because you don’t need all those plastic bags.

Help get peace back on earth while shopping with this Garfield Peace on Earth Tote Bag.

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