buy MLP Pinkie Pie And Fluttershy Christmas Ornament Set

MLP Pinkie Pie And Fluttershy Christmas Ornament Set

This Christmas your Christmas tree can have My Little Pony ornaments in them and it all starts with the two in this set.

The set includes tow ponies that are wearing Santa hats and the ponies are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie so a yellow and a pink pony can bring some color to your decorated tree.

And these My Little Pony Christmas ornaments are about 2.5 inches tall and they have a little string connected to their heads for easy hanging in the tree.

Now any My Little Pony fan can have ponies in their Christmas tree all thanks to this fun ornament set.


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buy Buddy Elf Smiling’s My Favorite Christmas Stocking

Buddy Elf Smiling’s My Favorite Christmas Stocking

If Elf is your favorite Christmas movie then you should check out this Christmas stocking.

The stocking looks a big like it is part of an Elf with the black shoes yellow tights and a green top.

And on the foot part, the Christmas stocking has the logo of the Elf movie which includes a picture of Buddy Elf and on the green top you can see his favorite quote saying “Smiling’s my Favorite”.

The Elf stocking is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide and has a hang tab so that it can be placed with all the other Christmas stockings.

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buy Adventure Time Christmas Stocking

Adventure Time Christmas Stocking

If you like Adventure Time and need a new Christmas stocking then why not get this Adventure Time Christmas stocking that just looks perfect for the holidays.

The Christmas stocking shows Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and Lumpy Space Princess all dressed up warm and drinking some hot chocolate.

And this 19 inches long Christmas stocking has a satin look and a hook to hang it on

So if your home needs a fun stocking then adding this Adventure Time stocking could be just what you need.

Sure it is not red and green but it is fun and festive and has your favorite cartoon characters on it.

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buy Star Wars Stormtrooper String Lights

Star Wars Stormtrooper String Lights

When decorating the Christmas tree you need light and that is why you can now get this Stormtrooper string light.

So your Christmas tree can be Star Wars  themed thanks to this light string.

On the string, you will find 10 Stormtrooper helmets and they will bring light to the dark and that is what everyone wants in the holiday season.

But besides, for the Christmas tree, you can use these lights for other fun things too. Is your bedroom a bit dark, put a Stormtrooper string light in and that is a thing of the past?

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buy One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

Other than bananas what do the crazy little yellow Minions love? I would say Christmas, the Minions are bananas over Christmas.

This is a very great looking round glass ornament that is all gold with a very fun Minion image, based after the Minions seen in the Despicable Me movies and the Minion movies.

The Minion image is bordered in with a sparkle blue line and features a two eyed yellow Minion holding one finger high in the air. In the background, you see many other Minions and find the saying “1 In A Minion”.

Made to look very classic and traditional from glass this round ornament measures 80mm in diameter. This is the perfect gift for any Despicable Me fan who really love the Minions.

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buy SAMCRO Skulls Christmas Ornaments

SAMCRO Skulls Christmas Ornaments

If you are looking for some strange but special ornaments for the holidays or maybe just for hanging around any other day of the year then this Sons Of Anarchy ornament set could be perfect for you.

The set includes two skull and yes that sounds perfect for Christmas. One skull is black and has “SAMCRO” written on it and the other looks like a normal skull color and has the anarchist symbol on it.

Made by Kurt Adler you know you get a quality product that will last for many years and as these are not real Christmasy you could use them year round.

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buy Minion Christmas Lights With Stuart And Kevin

Minion Christmas Lights With Stuart And Kevin

If Despicable Me and Minions are things you like then why not add that fun to your Christmas decorations.

Now there is a string light with Minions Kevin and Stuart on it and they are dressed up for Christmas. Both the Minions wear funny Christmas hats and that together with them being lights is of course a lot of fun.

The Minion sting lights is for indoor use only and has 10 Minions on it and each light is 12 inch apart with a lead wire of 30 inch making this the perfect sting light for the tree or anywhere else inside the home.

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buy Minions String light

Minions String light

Despicable Me Minions String light

Minions are fun and would be a great addition to your life.

And now you can have 10 Minions in you home in the shape as a string light. You can decorate the Christmas tree with Despicable Me lights or use them just to decorate the kids room or even the outside tree.

This set has 10 minion lights 5 shaped like Carl and 5 shaped like Minion Dave.

And these fun Minion lights even come with replacement bulbs so that they can last a long time.

Kids and adults will love these fun lights and they are just perfect for so many occasions. Don’t wait come get your Despicable Me Minion String Lights.

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buy Buddy Elf Christmas Lights

Buddy Elf Christmas Lights

Elf is probably one of the funniest Christmas movies ever made and it would be so much fun if you can have Buddy Elf in your home this Christmas.

Of course, Will Ferrell who plays Buddy Elf is kinda busy to come to everybody’s home to play Elf so they decided to make string lights that have the Elf image on them.

So now there is a string of 10 Elf lights. each light shows Buddy Elf and the word Elf of witch Buddy is the L.

And this string of 10 Elf lights is good for indoor or outdoor use and even has spare bulbs included so that you can enjoy them a long time.

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buy Daryl Dixon Claimed Christmas Stocking

Daryl Dixon Claimed Christmas Stocking

Even though they are being chased by walkers the people from The Walking Dead still celebrate Christmas.

And this is Daryl’s stocking.

On this stocking you can see Daryl Dixon on his motorcycle and wings in the background and in the toe of the stocking it says “Claimed” and of course that would be by you.

This Walking Dead Christmas stocking is 19 inch tall so that it has enough space for presents you need to survive the walkers.

Just imagine this nice Daryl Dixon stocking in between the other Christmas stockings in your home and of course nobody is gone touch your Daryl stocking.

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