Guidette Women’s Boy Brief

Jersey Shore Guidette Women's Boy Brief

So you want to be a Guidette just like the girls on Jersey Shore.

Here is a good start, get into a pair of these Guidette women’s underwear they are a boy brief style and have a large printed “Guidette” on the back of them. You can find these Guidette briefs in pink, white or red and they are made from 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.

The Jersey Shore Guidette women’s boy briefs are also super comfortable with the elastic waistband and trim and are form fitting, they come in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Get into your Jersey Shore Guidette Women’s Boy Brief.

Tinker Bell Girls Tights

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Girls Tights

Need some tights and don’t want a pair of plain boring tights. Check out these cool Tinker Bell tights with Tinker Bell pictures all over them.

These officially licensed Disney fairies Tinker Bell girls tights are size 7-10, they will fit 50 to 56in tall, 60 to 74 pounds and are very easy to take care of because they are machine washable. 100% nylon and are stretchable. Pakage comes with assorted different colors.

Get into your Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Girls Tights.

Team Neville T-Shirt

Team Neville Longbottom T-shirt

When Neville Longbottom came to Hogwarts he was not the brigtest student but now that we seen what he is capable of in the last Harry Potter movie we all want to join his team.

And what easier way to do so then by wearing this Team Neville t-shirt.

A nice and simple black t-shirt with Team Neville in white letters of course in the Harry Potter font.

They even thought of the people who would prefere a babydoll version because they have that one to.

Harry Potter fans go and join Neville with this Team Neville T-Shirt.

Sesame Street C Is For Cookie T-Shirt

Sesame Street C Is For Cookie T-Shirt

C is for Cookie!  NOM NOM NOM!

Yes C is for Cookie, but C is also for Cool. Like check out this Cool Sesame Street C is for Cookie t-shirt, the perfect t-shirt to show your love and support of cookies and the Cookie Monster. This C is for Cookie t-shirt is a fitted t-shirt and is great for many occasions like going out on a night in the town or just hanging around the house eating cookies…NOM NOM NOM!

Get your Sesame Street C Is For Cookie T-Shirt.

Sesame Street Rubber Ducky T-Shirt

Sesame Street Rubber Ducky T-Shirt

“Rubber Ducky Your The One!”

Remember the rubber ducky off of the awsome childhood show Sesame Street. You know….. the one Ernie always had a bath with, now you can always remember rubber ducky. Check out this cool looking Sesame Street Rubber ducky t-shirt, with a nice v-neck and large picture of the rubber ducky and the saying above “Rubber Ducky Your The One !”.

Get your Sesame Street “Rubber Ducky Your The One!” T-Shirt.

buy Homer Simpson Work T-Shirt

Homer Simpson Work T-Shirt

D’oh!   Jelly from a donut has fallen on this t-shirt.

Now you can be just like Homer Simpson from the awsome animated television series the Simpsons, the good thing is you can sport his work uniform with a print that includes his tie, identification and yes… jelly. Really what would a Homer shirt be without a bit of jelly on it, the best part is it wont actually be all sticky.

Get your Homer Simpson Work T-Shirt

buy Captain America Distressed Logo T-Shirt

Captain America Distressed Logo T-Shirt

Captain America Distressed Logo T-Shirt

If you are a true Captain America fan then you need to have the vintage looking Captain America Distressed Logo T-Shirt.

It is simple, a nice large print of Captain America’s sheild on the front and simply is a must have for a Captain America fan or a Marvel collector. This shirt is perfect for any casual event and will be loved by other comic hero fanatics.

Get your Marvel Captain America Distressed Logo T-Shirt.

And for the females who really like this shirt there is also a Babydoll version.

Pink Panther Face T-Shirt

The Pink Panter on a great looking t-shirt

Yes there he is the Pink Panther.

And he seems to be surprised about it to. His surprised face is printed on this t-shirt.
It’s a bit different to see  the Pink Panther like this on a nice looking t-shirt.

And no worries this Pink Panther design is available on clothing for kids, guys and girls, big and small so there will be one that fits your fine.

Go check out this Pink Panther Face T-Shirt.

buy Jersey Shore Fist Pump Proper Technique T-Shirt

Jersey Shore Fist Pump Proper Technique T-Shirt

Fist Pump!

It’s simple you are a Jersey Shore fan so you need some apparel that Jersey Shore fans know and love.

Look no further, check out this Jersey Shore  Fist Pump Proper Technique T-Shirt, in Guidoville this is the only accepted form of dance. This t-shirt has some nice large images of exactly how to master the fist pump. So throw on your fist pump t-shirt and get out there and spread the word on how to properly do a fist pump.

Get your Jersey Shore Fist Pump Proper Technique T-Shirt