buy Iron Man Mr. Potato Head

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head

Marvel Iron Man Mr. Potato Head

There is Iron Man but he looks a bit starchy to me.

I guess it’s because he is a Mr. Potato Head Iron Man and.

This toy version of Iron Man is about 6 inch tall and is a iteration of the famous Mr. Potato Head toys.
And for sure you could try mixing parts from other Mr. Potato Head toys and see what you can come up with.

Kids will love to play and take this toy apart and adults of course just want it to add to their Iron Man collection.

Superhero fans come and get your own Iron Man Mr. Potato Head.

buy Thor Mr. Potato Head

Thor Mr. Potato Head

Thor Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is such a classic toy that everyone knows what you are talking about when you talk about it.

And now there is a special Thor Mr. Potato Head that looks just like the superhero.
The Thor Mr. Potato Head of course has his hammer, cape and helmet and it all makes for an amazing looking potato.

The Mr. Potato Head is about 6″ tall and will be a great show and play item.

And the Thor Mr. Potato Head is an officially licensed Marvel product.

Ad Thor to your collection in the shape of this Thor Mr. Potato Head.

buy SpongeBob Mr Potato Head

SpongeBob Mr Potato Head

Spongebob squarepants Mr. Potato Head

This is not the normal Mr. Potato Head that we all know and love.

No this is even better this is a Spongebob Sqaurepants version of Mr. Potato head.

So build you own Spongebob Potato Head complete with squarepants and all kind of typical Spongebob features like a pointy nose and funny teeth.

This Spongebob Mr. Potato Head is made by Playkool and is for ages 2+.

Come and have a better look at this Spongebob Sqaurepants Mr. Potato Head.

buy Superman Mr Potato Head

Superman Mr Potato Head

Superman Mr Potato Head

There is nothing stronger than a rugged potoato, just look at the weather conditions they can endure!!!!

Ok, maybe superman is a close second to a potato but why not combine them together to get the strongest, toughest, higest flying super hero potato ever.

This is an official Mr. Potato Head toy that has all of the accessories of the DC Comics superhero Superman, find Supermans body suit, arms, boots, cape and even his black hair complete with a little swirl.

Other great features are the removable accessories and parts that can be combined with any Mr. Potato Head figures and this Superman comes in collectors window box packaging.

Collect, play, mix and match with the DC Comics Superman Mr. Potato Head.

buy Wizard Of Oz Mr. Potato Head Set

Wizard Of Oz Mr. Potato Head Set

Classic collectors may want to pay special attention here!!!

Check out this awesome Mr. Potato Head set of four, each is a character from the wonderful movie The Wizard of Oz find Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Dorothy, and Scarecrow all in full and cool detail.

Features a huge variety of parts to mix and match for each Wizard of Oz character, it also comes with a Toto accessory and each Mr. Potato head stands approximately 6 inches tall.

Get your Wizard Of Oz Mr. Potato Head Set

buy Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head

Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head

Batman Dark Knight Mr. Pototo Head

Not only Bruce Wayne can turn into a super cool Superhero.

Mr. Potato Head can too!!!!

Maybe not the most fit superhero, but have you ever had a battle with a potato, they are tough and rugged.

This Mr. Potato Head has all the accessories to turn into one of the cooliest DC Comics heroes, Batman The Dark Knight.

Included are the boots, arms (one holding bat boomerang), cape, mask and a Batman sneer mouth.

Collectors Must Have!!!!

Have fun with the Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head.

buy Mr. Potato Head Key Chain

Mr. Potato Head Key Chain

Toy Story Mr. Potato Head Key Chain

If you watched Toy Story then you know that Mr. Potato Head can be a bit grumpy and if you look at this key chain then you know he is grumpy now.

This Toy Story Mr. Potato Head key chain even has a light build in so that you can see where you are in the dark.

If you like fun key chains that are based on movies and TV then this is the one to get.

Come have a closer look at this Toy Story Mr. Potato Head Key Chain.

Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Head Set

Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Heads

Mr. and Mrs. Potato head need each other just like Spock and Lt. Uhura.

Star Trek fans will need to add this cool set of Mr. potato head Spock and Uhura to their collection. This set features Spock and his love interest Lt. Uhura with all the accessories that make them Mr. Potato head Trekkies. Some examples would be Spock’s ears and his trademark Vulcan “V” shaped hand and Lt. Uhura’s hair and red shirt.

All the components are still mix and match and are compatable with other Star Trek Mr. Potato head sets, it also comes in window box packaging for the serious collector wanting to keep these sealed up but on display.

Get your Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr. Potato Head set.

Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set

Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set

As if the Three Stooges are not funny enough, check this ridiculously awsome set of Mr. Potato Head Three Stooges.

This Mr. Potato Head set features the Three Stooges Larry, Curly and Moe each come with a variety of accessories that could only make them the Three Stooges like there hair. This is a great collectors set or a great way to play around with the Three Stooges, ever wonder what Curly would look like with Larry’s hair…well now you can find out.

Get your Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set.