buy Wonder Woman US flag Flip Flops

Wonder Woman US flag Flip Flops

Now you can wear Wonder Woman flip flops to the beach!

These women’s flip flops have the US stars and stripes flag and a portrait of Wonder Woman. And to make these flip flops even better they added fun some sparkles to the red straps.

These Wonder Woman flip flops come in many sizes ranging from 5 – 12 so that many fans of this female superhero an enjoy wearing a pair this summer.

No need for plane and boring footwear to the beach as these flip flops are great and have the US flag on it so they are great for the 4th of July celebrations to.

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buy Peppa Pig Pink Hearts Rain Boots

Peppa Pig Pink Hearts Rain Boots

These Peppa Pig rain boots are something every little girl dreams about.

The pink rain boots are covered in little hearts and on the side there is a big heart to and in the big heart you can find a picture of Peppa Pig.

Wearing these Peppa Pig rain boots is fun specially when there are puddles outside.

And kids can put these rain boots on them selves and there are even some handles to make that easier.

The Peppa Pig boots come in are available in many sizes from a toddler 9 to a big kids 8 so that many fans of Peppa can wear them when it rains.

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buy PAW Patrol Chase And Marshall Little Kids Shoes

PAW Patrol Chase And Marshall Little Kids Shoes

If you have a heart time to make you child wear shoes then maybe these fun PAW Patrol shoes could help.

Of course if you little kid likes PAW Patrol then they will put these shoes on themselves.

The slip on shoes are red and blue and have two puppies on them. The right foot has Chase on it and the left foot has Marshall and maybe that can help to in teaching you kid what shoe goes on witch foot.

These cute PAW Patrol shoes comes in size 7 – 12 so that toddlers and little kids can enjoy them.

Make you child happy with some fun PAW Patrol shoes like these canvas shoes.

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buy Pink Care Bears Stare Pumps

Pink Care Bears Stare Pumps

If you like the Care Bears and heels then you can be an extra lucky women when you get these Care Bears pumps.

These women’s shoes are pink and have a red heart on the side that says “Care Bears” inside it and the nose of these heels have the face of one of the Care Bears on it just staring away into the world you walk in.

On the inside you find even more Care Bears but those are only for you to see when you are not wearing your pumps.

You can get these Care Bears shoes in women’s sizes 6 – 10 and pink pumps like this will get your noticed but that is only to compliment you one you amazing taste.

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buy PAW Patrol Red Rain Boots

PAW Patrol Red Rain Boots

If you child loves to walk in the rain and loves PAW Patrol then this pair of red rain boots is just perfect.

The rain boots are read with blue edges and on the red boots you can see the PAW Patrol logo with below it Chase and Marshall and those puppies seem really excited to walk in the rain with your kid.

You can get this PAW Patrol rain boots in sizes 7 – 12 so that many toddlers and little kids can enjoy a pair.

I am sure that you will be loved even more by your little one when you surprise them with this pair of PAW Patrol puppy rain boots.

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buy R2-D2 Slippers Boots

R2-D2 Slippers Boots

Now you can have warm feet while enjoying Star Wars because these slipper boots are there to help you create warm feet while looking like the most famous Star Wars droid R2-D2.

These women’s slipper boots come in sizes Small, Medium and Large and are mainly white with blue plus edges and on the front shaft you can see R2-D2 details making them look real cool.

The black soles of the slippers are pattern to prevent them from being slippery but that doesn’t really matter while you are watching a Star Wars marathon.

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buy Olaf Toddler Rain Boots

Olaf Toddler Rain Boots

What is more fun then running through puddles, mud and snow?

Running through them in these kids rain boots that have Olaf the snowman from the Frozen movie on it. These are light blue rain boots with dark blue soles and handles to make it easy for kids to wear them.

You can get these Frozen rain boots in toddler sizes 3 – 8. The Olaf rain boots are made from 100% rubber with a cotton / polyester blend lining.

Just imagine you child’s face when you surprise them with these cute and useful rain boots with everyones favorite snowman Olaf on it.

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buy Wonder Woman Plush Slippers

Wonder Woman Plush Slippers

Wonder Woman needs some downtime too and why not in a pair of super comfy warm slippers with her logo and colors.

This is a soft plush pair of slippers that feature the colors and logo of DC Comics superhero of Wonder Woman, they are all red with a large yellow “WW” logo inside a blue circle full of white stars on the toes. The inside has yellow stripe with a red printed “Wonder Woman” and a blue color with white stars.

Available in a wide selection of sizes that range from Medium to XL and they are made to be super comfortable, warm and best of all durable to last a long time keeping your feet warm.

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buy Boba Fett Head Plush Slipper

Boba Fett Head Plush Slipper

If Star Wars could help your cold feet stay warm and comfortable, would you want Boba Fett’s help? If you are not sure, then check these Boba Fett Head Plush Slippers.

He will come to your help right away! These plush slippers are army green with large heads at the toes of the slippers. They are made to look like his Mandalorian helmet with the black and red markings that this bounty hunter wears.

These comfy slippers come in sizes Small to XL, which will fit shoe sizes 7 to 14. They are made of polyester which will keep those feet of yours comfortable and really warm.

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buy Star Wars Stormtrooper Stuffie Slippers

Star Wars Stormtrooper Stuffie Slippers

Get the help of the Galactic Empire and keep your feet warm and protected by the faceless enforcers, Stormtroopers . The Star Wars Stormtroopers make the perfect stuffie slipper’s partners.

Star Wars Stormtrooper’s have oversize helmets to begin with, so they are the main focus of these stuffie slippers. They are white with the black features of the breathing apparatus and the eyes that look like sunglasses.

If you have adult feet sizes ranging from a Small to XL, then you are all set with your new slippers. Keep your feet comfortable and warm with these slippers made of polyester. They will help you conquer the coolness of the morning or evening floors. They are an officially licensed product, so you know you will be using a quality product for your precious toes.

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