buy Tangled Border

Tangled Border

Tangled Peel & Stick Border

The Beautiful Princess Rapunzel from the magical Disney animated feature film Tangled, A great way to dress up your little princesses room is with this cool Tangled peel & stick border, with some of your favorite characters like Flynn, Maximus and Princess Rapunzel. Also the famous Tower is on this border and lots of vibrant magical colors to go along with it.

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Personal Piglet T-Shirt

Personalize your own Piglet T-shirt

You can give your kids a personal Piglet T-shirt. You see the text THLOG.COM on the picture that is where your text can be. I am sure your grandkids, nieces or kids would love a shirt specially made for them.

And Piglet would love to be on the shirt to. OK Winnie wanted to be there first but Piglet convinced him that it would be better with a pig on it.

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buy Jack And Sally Key Cap

Jack And Sally Key Cap

Make you boring keys look a bit more fun with this set of two Nightmare Before Christmas key caps.

Just move the cap over your key and you are ready. Now you can have Jack or Sally with you everyday.

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My Little Pony Set

My Little Pony Set of 5 ponies and a book

Friendship is magic, this is why the Pony’s stick together.

This My Little Pony set includes PRINCESS CELESTIA, TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, PINKIE PIE and APPLEJACK figures. It also comes with a cool story book to help recreate scenes with all of your My Little Pony figures.

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Family Guy Guitar Picks

Family Guy Guitar Picks

Family Guy is a masterpeice for comedy television and no matter what you are doing you can do it with your favorite characters from the show. For instance you want to sit down and pick away at the old guitar, no problem with these super cool Family Guy picks you can share your love of music with Stewie, Brian and Quagmire.

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Spongebob Walkie Talkie Set

Spongebob Squarepants walkie talkie set

Your kids can now keep in touch when they are not right next to each other with these Spongebob Squarepants walkie talkies.

This set of two that looks a bit like Spongebob and have his eyes. They besides talk also do morse code so even when the enemy is listing in you can code your messages.

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