The Backyardigans Magnet

All the Backyardigans on one cool fridge magnet

Here are all your friends from TV yes here are all you favorite Backyardigans.

This magnet shows you Austin, Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha on a nice magnet that will stick on anything metal. It would look nice on the fridge or maybe you locker at school or anything else you can think of.

And this Backyardigans magnet comes in different sizes to and if you don’t like round then there is a square one to.

Have a closer look at The Backyardigans Magnet.

Who’s your Papa T-Shirt


Smurfs Who's Your Papa T-Shirt

Smurfs, a very retro cartoon series that everybody can remember gowing up with at some point. This t-shirt is exactly that, a nice retro looking tee with Papa Smurf standing up tall like he always does and maybe a little bit more modern saying “Who’s your Papa”.

Get your Smurfs Who’s Your Papa T-Shirt.

Toy Story 3 Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story 3 Classic Mr. Potato Head

Disney/Pixars animated series of Toy story movies are one of a kind, So is this classic Mr. Potato Head.

Steming from the awsome animated movie Toy Story 3 this Mr. Potato Head is just as classic as the original, we all just know how wacky and crazy Mr. Potato Head is now after watching him on the big screen.  Includes  many, many accessories like a pair of glasses, 1 derby hat, 2 ears, 1 pair of shoes, 1 set of teeth, 2 noses, 1 set of eyebrows, 1 tongue, 1 mustache, 2 arms and 2 pair of eyes.

So now you can take the classic Mr. Potato head and re-enact your favorite Toy Story scenes or leave him in the pakage and add it to your collection.

Check out your Toy Story 3 Classic Mr. Potato Head.

buy Stewie Adult Costume

Stewie Adult Costume

Family Guy Stewie Adult Costume

Need a really good costume, I mean one that everybody will love.

Check out this Stewie adult costume, from the animated comedy television show Family Guy. Stewie is the Griffin family  baby who is witty and really seams to think he knows everything. This costume comes with a yellow and red jumpsuit with a back flap that opens to reveal a PVC butt. The costume also comes with Stewies oversized head made from foam and fits on like a mask.

Jump into your Family Guy Stewie Adult Costume.

buy Smurf Tattoo

Smurf Tattoo

The Smurfs temporary tattoos

Now the party will be even more fun with these The Smurfs temporary tattoos.

You will find 6 tattoos on one sheet and 2 sheets come in each pack.

Of course there are tattoos of Smurfette, Papa Smurfs and others.

Enjoy a nice Smurf tattoo with this set of The Smurfs Temporary Tattoos.

buy Duff Woman Costume

Duff Woman Costume

Move over Duff Man!

Here comes Duff woman!

The Simpsons have lots of classic memerable lines and places and products, but Duff Brewery definetly is at the top of the list. This Duff woman costume is named after this popular beer and is definetly the right costume of choice for a die hard Simpsons fan. This nice shiny dress features beer can holders built in the belt and a big Duff beer logo on the front and a matching head piece, and of course a cape.

Get your Duff Woman Costume

Spongebob Heroic Heroes Lego

Sponge Bob Heroic Heroes Lego

Spongebob Squarepants and Lego have teamed up to bring you a whole new cool superhero set.

This is Spongebob Squarepants Heroic Heroes of the Deep, in this set you will find  mini figures of Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton. Also in this 95 peice set you build the Boatmobile, and when you are ready you can guide Spongebob and Partrick with the Boatmobile to fend off the Evil Plankton.

Get your Spongebob Squarepants Heroic Heroes of the Deep Lego Set.

buy Tinker Bell Neverland Babydoll T-Shirt

Tinker Bell Neverland Babydoll T-Shirt

Tinker Bell Neverland Babydoll T-Shirt

Tinker Bell, a favorite Disney Fairy for many. This T-shirt has Tinker Bell waving her magic wand and leaving behind a beautiful array of colorful stars to go with the big “Neverland” printed just above Tinker Bell. A babydoll style t-shirt makes this comfortable and fashionable, you will draw the attention of all Tinker Bell fans and probly get asked where you got this awsome Tinker Bell babydoll t-shirt.

Look for your Tinker Bell Neverland Babydoll T-Shirt.

Optimus Prime Flash Drive

Transformers Optimus prime thumb drive

Transformers fans will love this USB flash drive.

As you can see on the picture this is a credit card size flash drive with a picture of you favorite Transformer Optimus Prime.

This thin card has a usb stick that can flip out so that it is protected when not in use and ready for action when you need it.

And because we don’t always need a lot of storage you can choose from 1GB all the way up to 8GB of storage space.

You really gone like this drive and your friends are gone want them to. So be quick and you will even get free shipping (world wide).

Go and get your own Transformers Optimus Prime USB Flash Drive.

buy Kermit The Frog Body T-Shirt

Kermit The Frog Body T-Shirt

Kermit the Frog can now be part of your body.

This green t-shirt shows the body of our favorite Muppet Kermit the Frog but without a head.
You wonder where his head went but no worries when you wear the shirt Kermit will have a great head. Yes it will be yours.

This Muppets t-shirt is fun and brings a lot of smiles where ever you go.

And not only is this t-shirt green it is also made of 100% cotton.

Kermit’s t-shirt comes in sides L – XXL so choose you size and become part of Muppet history.

Get your Kermit The Frog Body T-Shirt