Cars 2 Ultimate Sticker Book

Cars 2 reusable sticker book with more then 60 stickers

Now your friends from the movie Cars and Cars 2 will be with you when ever you want because this ticker book offers 60 full color stickers that are reusable.

Don’t like that sticker on that spot any more just remove it and put is somewhere else.

Now Lightning McQueen and all his friends from Cars are ready to decorate your world.

Just play out all the scenes from the movie with these cool stickers.

A must to check out this Cars 2 Ultimate Sticker Book.

Batman Logo T-Shirt

Classic batman t-shirt with the big bat logo in a yellow background

We all know this Batman shirt and still everybody wants one.

Black with the with the bat logo. The big bat on a yellow background and this all on the dark shirt.

But if you don’t like black don’t worry this shirt is available in more dark colors.

So if you want a Batman t-shirt this is the one that everybody wants so wait no longer and get your Batman Logo T-Shirt.

Lightning McQueen And His Winning Team Recordable Book

Hallmark Recordable book with lightning mcqueen and mater

“Lightning McQueen and this winning team” is a new recordable storybook from Hallmark.

You can record your own voice telling the story in the book and then you give it to your kid, nephew, grandkid or any other kid you want to give it to. And then they can open the book and your voice starts telling the story , every page you turn you will be reading the story.

Great for when you are away and still want to tell you kids their bedtime story.

And this recordable book is based on the Cars movie. You can read the story about Lightning McQueen and his friends and how they get ready to race.

Go enjoy Lightning and his friends in the Lightning McQueen And His Winning Team Recordable Book.

Star Wars The Clone Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars the Clone Wars Jedi Fighters t-shirt

This dark t-shirt (comes in different colors and styles) shows a Star Wars the Clone Wars logo and on top you see some colorful drawings of Jedi fighters ready to fight.

A great shirt for the real Star Wars or Clone Wars fans but even for everybody else who just wants to own a cool t-shirt.

It doesn’t matter if you are a male, female or kid there is a shirt for you with this print on it so you could even get one for the whole family.

Just go check out this Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi T-Shirt.

Snoopy Flying Ace Flash Drive

Peanuts Snoopy flying ace thumb drive

Why store you data on boring flash drives that all look the same?

Right stop doing it now and start getting fun flash drives like this one of Snoopy.

Peanuts fans will enjoy having a flash drive that looks like Snoopy Flying Ace. The nice thing is that you can store computer data on this Snoopy.

There is 2GB of storage space on this flash drive maybe not to much but still more then enough for most tasks.

You have to agree that this is a must have fun time for a Peanuts collector.

Get your Snoopy Flying Ace 2GB USB Flash Drive today!

buy Jack Skellington Night Light

Jack Skellington Night Light

Are you afraid in the dark?

If so then Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas can help you.

They made a little night light out of Jack’s head and he will keep all those dark corners all bright and not dark.

Get your Jack Skellington Night Light

Cars 2 95 T-Shirt

Cars 2 race t-shirt for kids

Gentlemen start you engines!

And we are off the race with between the world greatest race cars.

In front we see Francesco Bernoulli then in second place we find Raoul ÇaRoule and 3rd is Lightning McQueen in a close battle with Jeff Gorvette.

OK I don’t know witch car finished first but what I do know is that this is the race you see happening on this kids t-shirt.

The shirt is a nice blue with with all the cars and the word Lightning McQueen because he is our hero and the number 95 as that is his race number.

Sizes start at 2T up to size 7 and if your kid gets this t-shirt then he will never take it off any more because it is just to nice.

So start you engine and go order a Cars 2 95 T-Shirt.

Megamind DVD / Blu-ray

Animation Movie Megamind will make you laugh and enjoy this dvd and blue-ray

Megamind a animation movie combo pack with DVD and Blue-Ray combo and it even comes in a streaming version.

Megamind movie is all about Megamind a intelligent alien that is send to Earth by his parents just before their planet is destroyed. When this happens Megamind is still a kid who tries to do good but Metro Man another alien kid always does better and impresses.

Megamind then becomes evil not because he wants to but that way he gets attention.

From this point on there is a battle between Megamind and Metro Man.

The movie is about this battle and about how things change when Metro Man disappears.

Without giving more away of the story I will just say this movie is fun and has an awesome cast with Will Ferrel being Megamind and Brad Pitt being Metro Man.

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy thing movie from the comfort of you home.

Go check all the Megamind DVD / Blu-ray options.

Cars 2 Poster

Cars 2 globe movie poster with lightning mcqueen and his friend mater

The Cars 2 movie will be so much fun and after seeing it you want to see it again and again.

But when you can’t see it then a poster like this one will keep you thinking of it.

This Cars 2 poster shows a globe with the Cars 2 logo on it and in front of that Lightning McQueen, Matter and other Cars friends.

Enjoy Cars 2 even more with this Cars 2 Poster on your wall.