Thomas Rain Boots

Thomas & Friends rain boots that look like a train

Thomas is kids favorite train and now you can give them some Thomas the train rain boots so that they can play in the rain without getting wet feet.

Of course these boots look like Thomas with everything from wheels and the Thomas colors to his face.

Go check out these Thomas the Tank Engine Rain Boots.

Hello Kitty Waterproof Phone Case

Hello Kitty Waterproof phone pouch

If you go to the beach or maybe even in the water then the question is what do i do with my phone.

If you like Hello Kitty you can stop worrying because your iPhone, Black Berry, Nokia, or Android phone will be safe.

This Protective see through pouch will keep your phone away from sand, dust and water and you will still be able to enjoy it.

30×14  cm that is the size of the pouch so anything that fits in there will be save.

Go have a look at the Hello Kitty Waterproof Phone Case.

Winnie The Pooh Picnic Patch

Winnie The Pooh has a picnic on this nice patch

Winnie the Pooh is having a picnic on this embroidered patch. Of course this bear likes his food and specially fresh fruits that he eats out of his picnic basket.

This patch will be great on your clothing or maybe even you lunch bag. You can just iron this patch on so that it will be there for others to admire.

Go get your Winnie The Pooh Has A Picnic Patch.

Peter Superman T-Shirt

Peter thinks he is superman and the picture is on this tshirt

Peter Griffin from Family Guy now thinks he is Superman. OK we don’t really know who is Superman so it could be of course.

But really Peter, i don’t think he could be Superman even for Halloween. Anyhow Peter got his picture taken while changing in to Superman and that picture is now available printed on this T-shirt.

Go order you own Peter Griffin as Superman T-Shirt.

Pooh And Friends Egg Decorating kit

Winnie the Pooh Easter egg decorating kit

Color you eggs and decorate them with Winnie the Pooh stickers. Now you Easter eggs can be very special because the have Pooh and it’s friends on it.

This set has everything you need, like coloring tables and loads of stickers.

Check out the Winnie The Pooh Egg Decorating Kit.