buy Adventure Time LEGO Set 21308

Adventure Time LEGO Set 21308

LEGO and Adventure Time are both great fun and now both came together into this Adventure Time LEGO set.

The LEGO set has number 21308 and has 495 pieces and is rated ages 9 and up.

This Adventure Time LEGO set does not let you build structures but it does let you build characters from the Adventure Time TV series.

You can build Finn, Jake, Princess bubblegum, lady rainicorn, Marceline, BMO, ice King, and Gunter. The LEGO Adventure Time characters are up to 6 cm in height and they do look just like they do in the animated series.

If you would love to build Finn and Jake and the others then this LEGO set will make that happen.

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buy Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

If you like Tsum Tsum characters then you have to check out this Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum plush.

The cute Disney character became so much more fun thanks to the Tsum Tsum design.

This is a mini Tsum Tsum plush and is a 3 1/2 inches long and stackable so that you can add them to your stack of Tsum Tsum plushes you have or Mickey can be the one that starts the collection.

The originally from Japan Tsum characters are adorable and as they are based on a Disney character one of those things that belong in your Disney collection.

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buy DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

Now there is a Trolls plush of DJ Suki and it’s not just a plush it is also a pillow buddy so she is great for sleeping to.

The plush of DJ Suki is 22 inches tall and yes she is wearing her headphones because she is a DJ so she needs them.

Now you can cuddle play and sleep with your favorite Trolls character DJ Suki.

Suki is always dressed for a party and her happy face could be the first thing you see in the morning.

Kids will love to have this plush Trolls character so why not add it to the collection.

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buy LEGO Batmobile From The LEGO Batman Movie

LEGO Batmobile From The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman movie will bring the child in your and your kids alive because you can build it all from you own LEGO and then add this Batmobile just like in the movie.

The LEGO set lets you build the exact car that Batman drives in the LEGO Batman Movie and then you can maybe even add some seatbelt.

The LEGO set is number 70906 and has 561 pieces and is rated age 8 and up.

Batman now can relive his adventures in your home or just sit neatly on a shelve. and yes LEGO Batman himself is included as well as Robin and other mini figures.

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buy LEGO Moana’s Ocean Voyage set 41150

LEGO Moana’s Ocean Voyage set 41150

If you enjoyed the Disney Movie Moana and you like LEGO then you should check out this Moana’s Ocean Voyage LEGO set.

This is LEGO set 41150 and is rated ages 6 – 12 and has 307 pieces.

The Moana LEGO set does include Moana, Maui, and Heihei so the characters are there and there is also the canoe and the Fiti island that transformation function and a catapult.

So this LEGO set is not just fun to build it is also great to play with and now you can replay the Moana movie and change it a bit so that it is just the way you want it to be.

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buy Toothless 12″ Plush Dragon

Toothless 12″ Plush Dragon

There is Toothless the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon but now as a plush toy for kids and adults.

This black plush is about 12 inches tall and rated ages 4 and up.

And yes the Toothless plush looks exactly like he did in the How To Train Your Dragon movies and that makes it so cool to own one for yourself.

The black dragon will play nice with all your other plush toys that you already have and that makes him the perfect addition to your plush collection.

By owning Toothless you will be reminded how amazing the How To Train Your Dragon movies are every time you look at the plush dragon.

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buy Peppa Pig Magna Doodle

Peppa Pig Magna Doodle

If your child loves Peppa Pig and drawing then this Peppa Pig Magna Doodle set would make for a fun present.

This is a drawing board that can be erased and it is a travel size so perfect for any road trip. The Magna Doodle has Peppa and her brother George on it and it comes with stamps to get a drawing starting quickly.

Now you kid can try to draw Peppa Pig and her family and besides that you can draw almost anything.

And no this does not need any batteries it’s just magical and fun and rated for kids ages 3+.

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buy 3D Pikachu Puzzle

3D Pikachu Puzzle

If you would like to own Pikachu then this Pokemon puzzle is what you need as it will build a 3D Pikachu.

The 3D jigsaw puzzle is made from ages 8 and up and has 58 foam baked pieces and all build it will result in a 10.5 inches tall Pikachu.

Now even when its too cold or wet out to play PokemonGo outside you can play Pokemon and build this Pikachu and when build it will be a great piece to have on display and you could always take it apart again until the next day you like to puzzle.

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buy Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway

Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway

This Christmas you can surprise your little one with a Thomas & Friends wooden railway that is all about Santa and his workshop.

This is the Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway and that means that there is a special Thomas the Tank Engine with snow all over it and he needs to go to Santa’s workshop to pick up a big present that needs to be delivered.

Beside the track and the train, there are signs to and even Santa Claus is part of this Fisher-Price wooden railroad.

And even though this is a Christmas toy you can still use it with all your other Thomas wooden railway toys.

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buy Pikachu And Poke Ball Throw N’ Play Toy

Pikachu And Poke Ball Throw N’ Play Toy

Pokemon fans like to collect the cards and play PokemonGo but now there is another way to do a Pokemon battle.

The Throw ‘N’ Pop game from TOMY makes you put your Pokemon character in a Poke Ball and then you throw it down and it jumps out and the ball gives you a number and the player with the highest number wins.

The one we show you in Pikachu with the Pokeball but there are more sets with different Pokemon characters and different balls so that you and you friends can collect them all and start a real Pokemon battle.

The toy is made by TOMY and is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

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