Superman Logo iPhone Case

Apple iPhone 4 Superman case

Apple makes great phones and that doesn’t come to any once surprise. But now we found a way to make a great phone even better. To make an Apple iPhone better you will have to give it super powers.

And yes that is what you can do with this iPhone case for the Apple iPhone 4. This case shows a vintage looking closeup of the Superman logo and that of course means that your iPhone now has a part of Superman’s powers.

One of them is that now the back is protected from falls and scratches. The Superman case is made by Speck and that even adds to all the super powers this case has.

If you are looking for super power and like Superman then you should check out this Superman Logo iPhone Case.

Hogwarts T-Shirt

Harry Potter Hogwarts t-shirt

This is a great t-shirt for any Harry Potter fan and that is why it comes in different styles and colors so it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, young or old there will be a shirt with this print that fits YOU.

So this Harry Potter t-shirt shows the logo of the 4 Hogwarts houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Besides those four you will also find the Hogwarts logo in the background together with all kind of magical things.

Besides that it of course also says Hogwarts on this Hogwarts t-shirt.

This super soft 100% cotton shirt will be the best shirt to wear when you go see a Harry Potter movie.

Have a closer look at this Harry Potter Hogwarts T-Shirt.

Lemonade Mouth Speaker

Lemonade Mouth doodle speaker

MP3 players and cell phones are fun but using headphones for my music is not always fun and that is why these doodle speakers are ideal.

And these doodle speakers are even better as they have a photo of the Lemonade Mouth band on it right from the hit show.

The speaker is powered by using the included USB cable or by 2 AAA batteries (not included) and will make you day in  the park a little party because now you music comes at you without having to wear those earbuds.

A 3.5″ connector is the way to connect to you favorite device as it can be almost anything from a computer to your cell phone.

Check out this special Lemonade Mouth Doodle Speaker.

Twilight Pajamas


The Twilight Saga Pajamas

A nice pajama that is what you need because you never know if Edward is coming bye to see you sleep.

The Twilight Pajamas will be the best of course. The shirt is nice and dark and comes with the word twilight and a heart on it. And the pants come in black or pink and are checkered.

Now you can dream about everything Twilight in your new Twilight Pajamas.

buy iCarly Pump Up The Fruit T-Shirt

iCarly Pump Up The Fruit T-Shirt

Another great looking iCarly t-shirt that can’t be missing you collection of iCarly fan gear.

This t-shir shows iCarly drinking a cup of Pump Up The Fruit and it also says Pump Up The Fruit! below the picture of iCarly and above here it says iCarly.

And having an shirt is fun but having a t-shirt with cool colors like this one is even better. The white shirt make the perfect background for the colors of the print.

The t-shirt is available in many size for kids.

Get your iCarly Pump Up The Fruit T-Shirt

buy Gizmo Bobblehead

Gizmo Bobblehead

Gremlins Bobblehead made by neca and showing Gizmo

A bobblehead of Gizmo why did we have to wait so long?

A well NECA made us this hand painted bobblehead of our favorite Gremlin Gizmo.

This bobblehead is 8 inches tall and is made of a heavy ceramic type resin that will last it’s lifetime.

But before you get Gizmo you need to remember these 3 simple rules:

  • Don’t expose Gizmo to bright light (especially sunlight) it will kill Gizmo
  • Never ever get Gizmo wet
  • Never feed Gizmo after midnight

if you keep to those simple rules no bad things will happen and you will be ready to get your own Gremlin.

Go get your pet Gremlin go get your own Gizmo Bobblehead.

Lightning McQueen Cake Pan

Cars Lightning McQueen Cake Pan by Wilton

The boys young and old will be so happy when you bake them a Cars cake.

Making a Cars cake now became a whole lot easier with this cake pan from Wilton.

A cake pan in the shape of Lightning McQueen and that makes a super cool cake.

The cake pan will fit a whole pack of cake mix and that is plenty to keep the bellies of the boys happy.

Radiator Springs fans will love this Lightning McQueen cake pan that will make the think back of the Cars and Cars 2 movies.

Race to get this Cars Lightning McQueen Cake Pan.

buy Transformers Decepticon Belt Buckle

Transformers Decepticon Belt Buckle

Decepticon Belt Buckle for Transformers fans

We do not all support Autobot and if you are against them then you should be supporting Decepticon and now you can show that you support them by wearing this belt buckle.

Now you belt will look so much better with this big chrome Decepticon logo.

A great item to wear when you go see the Transformers movie.

Wait no longer and order your Transformers Decepticon Belt Buckle.

Dora Watch Gift Set

Dora the explorer watch gift set

Time for the kids to learn how to read time and what better way then doing this with a Dora the Explorer watch.

And this is not just a watch that tells time and date no this watch comes in nice metal tin and comes with changeable bezels so that you Dora watch looks different all the time.

One of the bezel has Dora’s monkey friend Boots on it to because where would Dora be without Boots.

This gift set makes it the perfect gift for the girl that adores Dora the Explorer.

Check out the other pictures and info about this Dora The Explorer Watch Gift Set.

buy Cars Tent Bed

Cars Tent Bed

A cars tent bed for toddlers

Your kids are gone love you even more when they see the new bed you got them.

This is a Cars Tent Bed. Yes Lightning McQueen and his friends love your kid to sleep in the racing environment they live and this bed makes it happen.

The bed is made for kids between 18 month to 5 years and with a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

The tent on top does not have to be attached to the bed but of course make the whole Cars experience even more fun.

A standard crib size mattress fits in the frame (mattress sold separate). The bed frame is made of metal and the bed ends are plastic to make the whole bed sturdy but still light. The bed is also pretty low so that you kid can get in and out easily.

And this bed meet all the JPMA safety requirements so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your toddler.

Wait no longer and start the race to get this cute Cars Tent Bed.