Toy Story Bookmark

Books are great but why do I always forget where I was?

Now I found the solution, it’s a bookmark. This cool Toy Story bookmark let me mark the page I am at and I know next time where it was.

This bookmark has the cast of Toy Story watching me. This is a nice bookmark for the books you use to tell stories out to your kids.

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buy Garfield Stand Back Bodysuit

Garfield Stand Back Bodysuit

We all know what can happen with the little people of this world. Babies love to surprise you with there food coming back up.

And now you can own or give one of these nice Garfield bodysuits to warn the world of the risks.

you can get this Garfield bodysuit in white, pink and light blue so that you can get the right color and it comes in different sizes so don’t hesitate to get one in every size.

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Whale T-Shirt

If you ever wonderd how Twitter came up with the Fail Whale then Douglas Adams has the answer.

So by getting this T-Shirt you will attract attention from two kind of people the once that use twitter and the once that watched and read The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

Check out all the colors and styles of this Whale T-Shirt.

Garfield Candy Bag

Halloween is around the corner and that means trick or treat and all those nice tasting candies are so sweet. Garfield of course wants to enjoy them to and now we found this tote bag that can be a treat bag for years to come.

This bag of course has a great picture of a scary looking Garfield on it.

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