Wall-E Giving Metal T-Shirt

Wall-E the little robot that cleans our planet.

Here is Wall-E the little robot that was left all by himself on an empty planet just to clean up the mess the humans left behind.

This T-Shirt shows Wall-E with one of his cubes of garbage. You of course don’t make a big mess of our planet and when wearing this shirt you remind people to keep our planet clean.

Even thought this Wall-E shirt is already great, they made more styles and colors available just for you.

Go get your own Wall-E Giving Metal T-Shirt.

Winnie The Pooh Skateboard Mug

If you like Winnie the Pooh and skateboarding then you gone love this mug of Winnie and his skateboard. Of course Winnie the Pooh has a first class board made out of real wood.

This mug has Winnie the Pooh on both sides of the mug so that you and your friends can both see Winnie when you use this skateboard mug.

Go get yourself this Winnie the Pooh Skateboard Mug.

THLOG Is 1 Year Old

Happy 1st Birthday to THLOG.com

It seems only yesterday that THLOG came online but no we are posting on THLOG for 1 year today.

Not to long ago we past our 1000 post and we are now closing in to post 1500. And Let me tell you there is no end in sight yet. There are still lots of products, shows and movies we didn’t add yet.

In the mean time there is a new THLOG related site called TShirts.Thlog.com where there are all kind of nice looking T-Shirts that are great to add to your wardrobe. And the coming year there is more theme related sites to come so stay tuned.

And because it’s our birthday we will give you a bunch more posts to enjoy today.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon,


Brutus and Popeye Salt and Pepper Shaker

Popeye and Brutus salt and Pepper shaker

A Popeye and Brutus face off that is what will be happening on your table if you get this salt and pepper shaker.

These shakers are ceramic and will probably out last you and are great to pass on to your kids and so on. And specially because Popeye the sailer is a big spinach  eater he would love to put some pepper and salt on his food.

Have a much better look at this Popeye and Brutus Salt and Pepper Shaker.