buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Blanket

Ariel The Little Mermaid Blanket

If you like The Little Mermaid and would like a throw blanket to keep you warm then this Ariel blanket is just what you need.

This blanket shows an image of Ariel as The Little Mermaid and in the background you can see plants growing in the see. Besides The Little Mermaid you can see her name “Ariel” in a fun print so that everyone will know that The Little Mermaid is Princess Ariel.

This The Little Mermaid blanket is 48 x 60 inch and is great for the couch, chair, bed or even the car when you go on a road trip.

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buy My Little Pony Throw Blanket

My Little Pony Throw Blanket

Now all the My Little Pony fans young and old can enjoy a blanket with 5 ponies on it and sparkles.

This pink fleece throw blanket is 46 x 60 inch and shows sparkles on the top and bottom and in between you can find Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack.

The pink striped background of the My Little Pony blanket make it more of a girly thing but I am sure boys won’t mind cuddling under this cute pony blanket while watching some fun My Little Pony episodes on TV.

And a blanket like this is versatile as it’s perfect for living room, bedroom and even for the car.

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buy Boba Fett Fleece Blanket

Boba Fett Fleece Blanket

If you are a Star Wars fan in need of a warm blanket then Boba Fett has you covered.

This fleece Boba Fett blanket shows the bounty hunter with the Star Wars logo above him and that together makes for a great looking blanket.

The Star Wars blanket is 48 x 60 inch and it is a fleece blanket so that you will be warm.

Couch, chair, bed or maybe for a picnic in the park this blanket of Boba Fett loves to be part of it all.

It is a great Star Wars item specially for the fans of Boba Fett.

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buy I Am Groot Fleece Blanket

I Am Groot Fleece Blanket

Now you can take a nap and feel protected by one of the strangest creatures on the universe Groot.

This fleece blanket shows the Guardians of the Galaxy star standing straight and above him it says “I Am Groot” and that just seems one of the few things he likes to say.

This Groot throw blanket is 45 x 60 inch and is made from 100% polyester as fleece is made from from that.

Now you can just have this blanket ready for a cold night in front of the TV or just for keeping you warm while reading that amazing Marvel comic.

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buy Nerd Herd Fleece Blanket

Nerd Herd Fleece Blanket

Imagine one night while you are watching Chuck on TV or just think back of the great night when it was on TV you get cold…..

No worries this fleece blanket will get your warm and is Chuck themed to.

This white fleece blanket is 36 x 58 inch and has the Nerd Herd logo on it with the little running geek in the middle and below that at an angle the Chuck logo to.

Now napping on the couch or sleeping in bed will be warmer and way more fun and that all thanks to this Chuck Nerd Herd blanket.

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buy Rick Grimes And A Fence Of Walkers Blanket

Rick Grimes And A Fence Of Walkers Blanket

Now you can cuddle on the couch under a nice warm blanket and watch The Walking Dead.

This blanket shows Rick and that of course means that you can relax and be warm.

On this The Walking Dead blanket you can see Rick Grimes standing in front of the fence at the jail and on the other side of the fence you can see a whole lot of hungry walkers waiting for it’s their turn to eat.

The Rick blanket is 58 x 80 inch and made from superset fleece. And this blanket is also machine washable and dries quickly so that it will be ready for when you need a nap.

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buy Starship Enterprise Blanket

Starship Enterprise Blanket

Now you can sleep under the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. OK not under the real Starship of course but under a blanket that has the Enterprise on it.

This fleece blanket shows a Star Trek blue print of the Starship Enterprise and that is a neat thing to own.

The Star Trek blanket is 36 x 58 inch and the image can be found on one side of the blanket.

Now napping on the couch or sleeping in bed will be so much better. And you can even take this blanket to a Trekkie picnic in the park.

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buy PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

Does your child need a fun blanket for on their bed?

How about this PAW Patrol blanket that is 62 x 90 inch and has 3 adorable pups on it.

The blanket has a blue background with paw prints on it and on the bottom you find a red part with the words “PAW Patrol” on it but the main thing of course is the 3 dogs. You can find Chase, Marshall and Rocky on this blanket and they all look really happy to be on this blanket.

If you child does not like a blanket on their bed then that will change when they see this adorable PAW Patrol blanket.

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buy Star Wars Character Blocks Blanket

Star Wars Character Blocks Blanket

Now you can dream away of all the Star Wars movies you already seen to be all ready for the Force Awakens.

This throw blanket makes those dreams a lot easier as it is a Star Wars blanket.

The blanket is black and shows the Star Wars logo on the top and below that you find 4 blocks and in each block you find different movie stars. You will find Yoda, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and C-3po.

The Star Wars throw blanket is 45 x 60 inch and made to keep you warm. A blanket like this is perfect for a picnic, watching TV and maybe even sleeping.

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buy Pikachu Fleece Blanket

Pikachu Fleece Blanket

A nice warm fleece blanket that is what you need for those cold days and nights.

And now there is this Pokemon blanket that has a purple background with the word Pika written on it many times and there are also some pink hearts and to make this blanket a must have there is also a picture of a real happy Pikachu.

The fleece Pikachu blanket is 46 x 60 inch making it perfect for when you are lying down on the couch to enjoy a movie on TV but the bedroom, a camping trip or any other occasion that you need a blanket. Pikachu is ready to keep you warm.

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